5 Innovative Chatbots You should Know about

Chatbots, also known as Virtual Assistants, are basically a software or Artificial Intelligence that can carry out a conversation with the user in natural language, through auditory or textual methods such as websites, mobile apps, messaging applications, and telephone. Chatbots can imitate human speech, both written and spoken.

The Chatbot technology is mainly powered by the natural language processing (NLP). A Chatbot first processes the request presented to it by the user and identify the intent. It then extricates the data and relevant entities from the user’s request, in order to give an appropriate response.

Chatbots are hailed for the role they are currently playing in improving customer experience and customer engagement. They are helping businesses to enhance customer service while reducing the cost associated with it. Moreover, advancements in ML (Machine Learning) have made today’s Chatbots smarter, intelligent, and more responsive, which has increased their popularity immensely. So, here are 5 innovative and helpful Chatbots that are creating ripples in the industry –


Powered by a sophisticated ML system, MedWhat is a smart personal health assistant that can make medical diagnoses easier, faster, and more convenient. It can answer questions related to health and medical conditions from both physicians and consumers. The Chatbot learns the behaviour of the users while interacting with them, and analyses their questions history and health records to provide accurate answers to medical/health questions.

eBay Chatbot

When it comes to e-commerce chatbots, eBay is undoubtedly one of the best. You can use this chatbot to buy almost anything and that too at a low price. eBay’s Facebook Messenger Bot helps customers find the products they are looking for at their desired price range and also provides personalized recommendations on the basis of purchase history. Customers can search for products by using photos as well.

Roof Ai

This is a chatbot designed for the real estate marketers to assist them in generating and managing leads. It can interact with potential leads instantaneously, capture and transfer leads to suitable agents, and can also recognize potential leads through Facebook. Further, it can personalize the experience for different customers.


Hipmunk is a platform for travel-planning and its AI-powered assistant, Hello Hipmunk can send travel deals to you on the basis of your location, i.e., from where you are traveling. It can answer travel-related query like what is the best time to travel a particular place, along with other travel recommendations. Further, it can be easily integrated with Facebook, skype, or Slack.


It is a companion chatbot developed by Russian technology company Endurance for dementia and Alzheimer patients. The Chatbot uses neurolinguistics programming, known as NLP, to converse with people suffering from Alzheimer and other types of dementia. Further, doctors and family members can evaluate any degradation in patient’s memory by analysing the communication logs maintained by the bot.  By carrying out friendly conversations with patients, the bot helps enhance their ability to recall things or events as well.

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