3D Printing in Jewellery Market Ecosystem: Industry Insights and Major Players

The increasing adoption of 3D printing in designing, manufacturing, and customization of products is due to 3D printing’s ability to improve design efficiency and reduce manufacturing errors, time, and cost. The jewelry industry is one of the important industries to adopt 3D Printing. In fact, it was amongst the first industries to make use of 3D printing in the ‘investment casting’ procedure. 3D printing is being used to create patterns for investment casting and to print jewelry directly. Rather than using metal printers, wax is used by jewelers, which means that a piece of jewelry is printed or molded out of wax.

According to AllTheResearch, the global 3D printing in Jewellery Market - Ecosystem market will see substantial growth by 2024. The top 10 jewellery manufactures who have invested in 3D printed jewelry are Nervous System 3D Printed Jewelry, RADIAN, Diana Law, GUY & MAX, Endswell Jewelry, Pronto3D Jewelry, Ross Lovegrove 3D printed jewelry, American Pearl, Spinning Globe Pendant by Aethyr, and Anna Reikher Nature-Inspired 3D Printed Rings.

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The main driver for the Jewelry Industry is the look of jewelry that hugely influences customers while making purchasing decisions. This has triggered e-commerce players to introduce augmented reality (AR) technology on their online platform. Consumers can now virtually try jewelry through AR and select the product according to their preference. Vendors like Cartlane, Lologem Jewelry - Virtual App for earrings, etc., are also offering mobile applications in both Android and iOS platforms, which enable users to try different products online, thereby allowing them to make informed decisions.

Figure 1: 3D Printing: Segmentation of 3D Printing in Jewellery Industry - Ecosystem



 Printer Technology



Stereolithography (SLA)


Functional Part Manufacturing

Selective laser sintering (SLS)

Software & Solution


Digital light processing (DLP)



Fused depositing modelling (FDM)




Global 3D Printing in Jewellery Industry - Ecosystem

North America will account for the largest share in the 3D printed jewelry market throughout the forecast period. Rising technological innovations in the retail channel and increasing demand for customized designer jewelry are the major factors in boosting the 3D printed jewelry market growth in this region.


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