East Africa Fiber Optic Cables Market will Register a Significant CAGR During Period 2019-2026

The East Africa Fiber Optic Cables Market is expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period. Increasing demand for smartphones and devices that require internet for both personal and commercial usage and the ease of transmission over transmission media are expected to accentuate the growth of the East Africa Fiber Optic Cables Market during the forecast period.

Moreover, increasing public and private investments for the development of advanced network infrastructure and technological advancements are likely to provide significant growth opportunities to the players operating in this market.


Information & communication technologies can help create economic opportunities, lower costs, and increase productivity. Based on this, the demand for high-speed reliable bandwidth for research, education, and industrial development in East Africa is high. Linking East African countries to high speed internet is the key in driving economic growth. It helps businesses attract investment and has made a big impact on people’s lives.

The penetration of information technology and internet in the African countries has increased the adoption of smartphones and internet-based tools. Smartphones such as Apple iPhone and phones using Google’s Android system are seen as premium products compared to the basic feature phones common in this region. The East African Cable System has improved access for more than 250 million people across the whole African region.

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Data usage is expected to increase as smartphones are gatherers of data and at some point, people will move away from voice and concentrate more on data. Telecom experts argue that a sharp rise in data consumption by smartphone users will definitely result in increased demand for bandwidth, putting pressure on mobile telephone operators to speed up capacity investments. Here, fiber optic cables will help them provide effective network connection for people using smartphone for personal and commercial use.

In addition to this, the rise in the use of fiber optics is really about the advances in physics. There have been impressive developments in recent years, as researchers have worked to achieve extraordinary data transfer speeds of 255 TBPS. This is so fast that the technology makes it possible to carry all of the world’s data on just one fiber cable. Fiber optic technology is one for the future, and is already changing the way we conduct business, play online games, access or report news, and use the internet. Eventually, the hope is for all communications to become instantaneous, but this is easier said than done.

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The leading players in the East Africa fiber optic cables market include Corning, Inc., Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, Coherent, Inc., Finisar Corporation, Prysmian Group, Safaricom, Liquid Telecom, Hurricane Electric, Lotuscope Inc., and Kenya Power. These players are expanding their presence across various regions including Africa, and are entering new markets to expand their customer base and strengthen their presence in the market. Companies are also introducing new innovative products in the market to cater to the growing consumer demands. Partnerships, collaborations, and agreements held approximately 13% of the total strategies adopted by the key players in the market. Companies that are adopting expansion as their primary strategy are Safaricom, Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, and Coherent, Inc. 

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