Evaluating Home and Garden Pesticides Market Ecosystem with Global and Regional Aspects

The main purpose of using home & garden pesticides is to eliminate insects that could have a harmful effect on human health. Growing incidence of insect-borne diseases is one of the key factors responsible for the growth of the home & garden pesticides market ecosystem. West Nile Virus is a cause of fatal mosquito-borne diseases, and it has become a major health concern in several countries across regions such as North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, among others. It can cause neurological diseases in humans that ultimately lead to death. Further, there are no vaccines available for humans, as of now.

Health officials in the U.S. have warned the public about the arrival of the West Nile virus in the country. In 2018, the country witnessed more than 2,600 cases of West Nile viruses, of which about 200 cases occurred in the state of California. In order to prevent mosquito bites, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has urged people to use insecticide products recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Further, bed bug infestation is on the rise in major cities in the US, such as Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York, to name a few. These factors have resulted in increased sales of home & garden pesticides in the country, and the impact of this trend is expected to increase further in the coming years.

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In the base year 2018, the U.S. and Germany were the major developed countries contributing to the market demand for home & garden pesticides, collectively contributing about XX% market share of the global market demand. Gardening is a key factor that is augmenting market growth of home & garden pesticides in the U.S. The residents of the country have shown a greater interest towards indoor planting as most of them live in apartments. The trend of gardening has become extremely popular among millennials, as they have embraced this practice as one of their prime hobbies.

Hanging gardens are another popular trend in the U.S. Further, the onset of global warming has resulted in dramatic changes in temperature levels in the U.S. According to NASA, droughts in the South West U.S. and long spells of heatwaves are to intensify in the coming years, and summer temperatures are projected to rise constantly. Precipitation levels are expected to increase, along with a strong forecast for category 4 & 5 hurricanes. These factors are expected to pave the way for insect infestation in the country, which in turn, will propel the market growth of home & garden pesticides.

The onset of global warming has also affected Europe. Soaring temperatures during summertime has created a record in countries such as Netherlands, the U.K., Germany, and Belgium, among others. The U.K. witnessed a temperature of 38.7 degrees in July 2019, which is unlike any previous happenings. Further, Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany also recorded temperatures exceeding 40 degrees. Such abnormal temperatures are an ideal condition for the proliferation of insects along with insect-borne diseases, thus creating opportunities for the growth of the home & garden pesticides market in Europe. However, the market is expected to witness a minor slowdown due to several bans imposed on synthetic pesticides by the EU.

Global Home & Garden Pesticides Market Ecosystem

The trend of using home and garden products has witnessed an upward growth trajectory over the past few years, and this growth is most prominent among millennials. Further, this trend is also noticeable among baby boomers, as approximately 40% baby boomers consider gardening as a leisure activity. Consumers living in urban areas where there is usually less space in and around their homes have opted for small space gardening, which typically includes hanging gardens and herb gardens. These are some of the factors that have augmented the demand for home & garden products, which in turn, have stimulated the demand for home & garden pesticides.

India has witnessed a favorable increase in both per-capita income and per-capita expenditure, and the trend is likely to continue in the coming years as well. Owing to the growth in per capita income and expenditure, the demand for home & garden products has witnessed an upward growth trajectory and is likely to remain the same in the coming years as well. Further, due to rising pollution levels in the country, especially in the metropolitan cities, consumers have become extremely conscious about their health and wellbeing. This has led people to opt for outdoor and indoor gardening, which has given rise to the demand for home & garden pesticides.

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