Odor Eliminator Market is Expected to Witness a Growth At CAGR of 5.1% During the Forecast Period

The global odor eliminator market is expected to witness a growth rate of 5.1% during the forecast period. Odor eliminators or deodorizers are popular products often used by medical facilities to eliminate biological odors associated with incontinence products, urologicals, or wounds. To be more specific, deodorizers help mitigate odors from urine, emesis, or dead necrotic tissues. They also help in removing odors from adult diapers, clothing, etc. Some of the associated features include ease of use, scent, and cost effectiveness. Some key examples of odor eliminators are Medline fresh naturals or bard medi-aire biological odor eliminator, earth science natural mint, and rosemary deodorant, etc.  

The industrial segment is expected to witness the largest market share during the forecast period” 

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Increasing consciousness among people about hygienic and clean environment is expected to lead to an increase in the use of artificial environment contributors such as odor eliminators. Implementation of stringent rules and regulations by the government is expected to boost the odor eliminator market at the global level. This pattern is anticipated to continue during the forecast period and drive the odor eliminator market. 

Key Developments/Recent News: 

  • January 2019: Ecolab acquired Bioquell PLC. Bioquell’s innovative bio-decontamination and isolator technologies and services help ensure residue-free surface decontamination in cleanrooms, and research and development labs. This will strengthen Ecolab’s product portfolio. 

Market Dynamics 

One of the major factors supporting the odor eliminator market growth is the enforcement of regulations on odor control for commercial, as well as industrial applications. Although creating odor nuisance does not essentially attract legal actions, people/entities are required to ensure minimal impact of odor on surroundings. 

Odor control regulations are quite common, especially in the industrial sector, thereby supporting the demand for odor eliminator products. Apart from regulations, odor can have health as well as environmental hazards, which makes it an organization’s primary responsibility to control and eliminate odor. 

Like the industrial and commercial sectors, the residential sector is also required to ensure the minimal impact of odor on health, environment, as well as on the neighbourhood. Subsequently, households, as well as commercial/industrial organizations have significantly increased their expenditure on odor elimination products. 

In several emerging economies, odor eliminators are yet to gain awareness and enough popularity to witness profound penetration in the market. Air fresheners are easier to use, easily available, and affordable. As a result, the air fresheners market is expected to continue to affect the odor eliminator market in the coming years. 

Competitive Intelligence & Company Profile:  

Some major providers of odor eliminators are Novozymes, Ecolab, Cabot, Osaka Gas, Dow Chemical Company, and Zero Odour. These players have stepped up new product innovations and new product launches, in order to gain more attention from customers. Additionally, the growth of the odor eliminator market is attributed to geographical expansions, strategic mergers & acquisitions, and joint ventures & partnerships, which provide long-term sustenance in the market.  

For instance, in May 2019, Cabot Corporation received Responsible Care 14001 certification for all operating manufacturing sites in China. Cabot is the first chemical manufacturer to complete RC14001 certification by China CNCA approved independent third party. 

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