Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Market Ecosystem By Components Type; By Product, Parts & Devices, By Services & Solutions; By Technology; By Application; By Region; By End Users (Logistics, Healthcare, transportations, Automotive, Retail, BFSI Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Oil & Gas, Others)

Technology has been a major growth driver for most business sectors. Heavy machinery sectors like Oil & Gas, Energy & Power, and Mining have realized the potential of intelligent technological assistance in their operations and tasks, and hence, the growth prospect for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology ecosystem in nearly all business sectors looks extremely promising for the next 5 years. According to our estimates, by the end of 2023, the AI Technology ecosystem is expected to witness a 25% CAGR, while investments related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology market ecosystem is expected to witness 12X growth rate as compared to 2018. At present, Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular technologies in the category of “Must to have” technologies. By Q1 -2019, around 2000 AI-focused emerging players have cumulatively raised around $50 billion of funding for growth and expansion funding between 2011 and Q1-2019.

Ecosystem Snapshot: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Market Overview

Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

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Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are expected to drive the penetration of AI in applications like Predictive Maintenance, Fraud Reduction, Cybersecurity, Virtual Assistance, and many others. Aided by allied markets and interconnected technologies, AI is estimated to impact ~$13 trillion worth of economic activities by the end of 2030.

 From a business perspective, key AI technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Robotic Process Automation, Predictive Analytics, and Context Awareness have had a major impact on the competitive landscape since 2018. Whether for trillion-dollar giants like Amazon or Google, or newly formed ventures like Crowdstrike, Zymergen, UiPath, DataRobot, etc., AI technology implementation is becoming imminent. Out of our comprehensively tracked companies, OYO Rooms and Homes, just hours ago, have stated that AI-enabled analytics and Machine Learning in the smart infrastructure management is their current focus area. Even imaging technologies like Facial Recognition are being integrated with the existing hospitality wireframes to offer an enhanced user experience to customers. Even technology giants like Facebook are utilizing NLP to boost the productivity of its developers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Market Ecosystem Segmentation

Components  Services & Solutions Technology  Applications  End-users 
Processors Smartphone & Tablet Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance/Self Diagnostics Logistics
Memory Wearable NLP Fraud Reduction Healthcare
Storage Workstation System Deep Learning Cybersecurity Transportation
FPGA Medical Devices Context Awareness Network Security Automotive
ASIC Pharma/Biopharma Computer Vision Network Optimization Retail
Modules Smart Modules Predictive Analytics Customer Analytics BFSI
  Imaging Systems Others Virtual Assistance Telecom & Consumer Electronics
  Smart Trackers   Network Operations & Monitoring Management Oil & Gas
  Smart Meters   Security & Surveillance Others
  Others   Recommendation Engine  
      Predictive Merchandising  
      Inventory Management  

Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Market Ecosystem:

For AI to flourish, it has been observed that its ecosystem constituent – Technology Hardware - is also being enhanced through components like FPGA, ASIC, Chipsets, and Processors. Hardware players like Qualcomm, ARM, Intel, and Huawei have already started increasing their competitive rivalry in this category, by offering powerful AI processors and chipsets. In terms of growth in the End-users, the automotive industry is driving the market with a CAGR of 23.5%, while Telecom & Consumer Electronics is well placed in terms of value. Key countries like China and the US are expected to reap maximum benefits from AI technology ecosystem by the end of 2026. 18% of the GDP of these two counties is expected to shape up owing to the integration of AI technology in industries like Automotive, Healthcare, and BFSI. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Ecosystem Market Statistics Glimpse

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Statistics

There are many trends that are having an impact on the AI technology ecosystem forecast. These, when evaluated from a company’s perspective, can drive growth. Our numerous consulting projects have generated sizeable synergies across all regions and all sizes of companies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Market Ecosystem: Key Players

Company Ecosystem Positioning Total Revenue Region
IBM Corporation Solution & Service Provider       $ 79 Billion Global Inc. Solution & Service Provider       $72.4 Billion Global
Google Inc. Solution & Service Provider       $136.22 Billion Global
Intel Hardware Manufacturers and Service Provider $37 Billion Global
Facebook Solution & Service Provider       $55.83 Billion Global

Very few markets have interconnectivity with other markets like AI. Our Interconnectivity module focuses on the key nodes of heterogeneous markets in detail. IoT, 3D printing, Smart Sensors, AR-VR, IIoT, and Blockchain markets are some of our key researched markets.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Market Ecosystem Major Interconnectivities

Artificial Intelligence Major Interconnectivities

Glance on Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Market Ecosystem Trends:

Trends Impact on Market 
Disease diagnosis can be improved to multiple folds by using AI in imaging systems. AI has the potential to transform the delivery of Healthcare 1.30%
FPGA is used for processing high-performance algorithms and workloads. Oil & gas reservoir modeling is one such application where high-performance computing is required. 1.68%
Increasing usage of voice-based commands in Next-Generation Transportation and Logistics industry will fuel the growth of NLP XX%

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1. Introduction

1.1. Global AI Technologies Market Definition

1.2. Scope of study 

1.3. About FABRIC

2. Executive Summary

2.1. Global Market Segmentation

2.2. Global Market Overview

2.2.1. Mega Growth Drivers

2.2.2. Major Growth Blockers

2.3. Global Market Statistics

2.3.1.  By Investment AI Technology Industry Player Investment Companies

2.3.2.  By Market Revenue / Shipments/ Price Points   

2.4. Mega Trends

2.5. Competitive Landscape

2.5.1. SWOT

2.5.2. PEST

2.5.3. Company Ranking

2.6. Market Attractiveness

2.6.1.  By Segment Level

2.6.2.  By Geography (Region/Country)

2.7. Interconnectivity

2.7.1.  Allied/Interconnected Markets

2.7.2.  Allied/Interconnected Technologies

2.7.3.  Allied/Interconnected Applications

2.7.4.  Allied/Interconnected End Users

2.7.5.  Allied/Interconnected Companies

Ecosystem Positioning

3. Global AI Technologies Market Ecosystem Snapshot

3.1. Global AI Technologies Market Ecosystem Broad Heads

3.1.1. Demand Side

3.1.2. Supply Side 

3.2. Global AI Technologies Market Segmentation

3.2.1.  By Components Processors Memory Storage FPGA ASIC Modules

3.2.2.  By Product, Parts & Devices Smartphones and Tablets Wearables Workstation Systems Medical Devices Pharmaceuticals/ Biopharma Hospital Management Smart Modules Imaging Systems Smart Trackers Smart Meters Others

3.2.3. By Services & Solutions Solutions Services

3.2.4.  By Technology Machine Learning Deep Learning NLP Computer Vision Context Awareness Predictive Analytics Others

3.2.5. By Application Predictive Maintenance/Self Diagnostics Fraud Reduction Cybersecurity Network Security Network Optimization Customer Analytics Virtual Assistance Network Operations & Monitoring Management Security & Surveillance Recommendation Engines Predictive Merchandising Inventory Management Others

3.2.6.  End Users Logistics Healthcare transportations Automotive Retail BFSI Aerospace Telecom & Consumer Electronics Oil & Gas Others

3.2.7. Geographic Overview North America U.S. Canada Mexico Europe U.K. Germany Italy Spain France Rest of Europe APAC India Japan China South Korea Taiwan Rest of APAC RoW Middle East Africa South America

4. Competitive Landscape Mapping by Ecosystem Positioning

4.1. Company by each node

4.2. Vendor Landscaping

5. Ecosystem Level Analysis

Trend Analysis

6. Global AI Technologies Market Trends

6.1. Trend Mapping

6.1.1. Trend Description

6.1.2. Trend Evaluation Impact Importance Remarks

6.1.3. Trend Outlook (Short, Mid, Long Term)

6.1.4. Trend Company Mapping

6.1.5. Related Global AI Technologies Market Mapping

6.1.6. Trend Region/Country Mapping

Global AI Technologies Market Regulatory Analysis

7. Overview

7.1 Regulatory Mapping

7.2 Regulatory Impact

7.3 Regulatory Interlinkage

Global AI Technologies Market Sizing, Volume and ASP Analysis & Forecast

8. Global AI Technologies Market Sizing & Volume

8.1 Cross-segmentation

8.2 Global AI Technologies Market Sizing and Global AI Technologies Market Forecast

8.3 Global AI Technologies Market Volume Analysis

8.4 Average Selling Price Analysis

8.5 Global AI Technologies Market Growth Analysis

Competitive Intelligence

9. Competitive Intelligence

9.1. Top Industry Players vs Trend Tagging Importance Trend Nature (Positive/ Negative) Value Interconnectivity for each vendor

9.2. Global AI Technologies Market Share Analysis

9.3. Strategies Adopted by Global AI Technologies Market participants Global AI Technologies Market Strategies New product launch Strategies Geographic Expansion Strategies Product-line Expansion Strategies Operational / Efficiency building Strategies Other Strategies

Company Profiles

10. Company Profiling Summary

10.1. Company List & Fundamentals

10.2. Ecosystem Positioning

11. Company Profiles - including the:

11.1. Microsoft

11.1.1. Company Fundamentals

11.1.2. Subsidiaries list

11.1.3. Share Holding Pattern

11.1.4. Key Employees and Board of Directors

11.1.5. Financial Analysis Financial Summary Ratio Analysis Valuation Metrics

11.1.6. Product & Services

11.1.7. Client & Strategies

11.1.8. Ecosystem Presence

11.1.9. SWOT

11.1.10. Trends Mapping

11.1.11. Analyst Views

11.2. Apple

11.3. Amazon

11.4. Google

11.5. IBM

11.6. Cisco

11.7. SAP SE

11.8. Oracle

11.9. CloudMinds

11.10. Nvidia

11.11. Symantec

11.12. Company 12

11.13. Company 13

11.14. Company 14

11.15. Company 15

11.16. Company 16

11.17. Company 17

11.18. Company 18

11.19. Company 19

11.20. Company 20

Global AI Technologies Market Developments

12. Global AI Technologies Market Events & Rationale

12.1. R&D, Technology and Innovation

12.2. Business & Corporate advancements

12.3. M&A, JVs/Partnerships

12.4. Political, Macro-economic, Regulatory

12.5. Awards & Recognition

12.6. Others

Research Methodology & Approach

13. Research Methodology and Approach

13.1. Assumptions/ Inferences

13.2. Sources

13.2.1. Primary Interviews

13.2.2. Secondary Sources Key Secondary Webpages Whitepapers Annual Reports Investor/Analyst Presentations

13.3. Appendix

13.4. Contact


14. Ask for Customization

14.1. Sensitivity Analysis

14.2. TAM SAM SOM Analysis

14.3. Other Customization

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