Global AR VR in Oil and Gas Market Ecosystem By Products; By Components; By Raw Materials; By Region; By Application (Training & Simulation, Maintenance & Monitoring ), By Region, Forecast to 2027

The global AR VR in Oil and Gas Market Ecosystem was valued at US$ 106.7 Mn in 2018 and is expected to reach US$ XX Mn by the end of the forecast period, expanding at a CAGR of 27.40% during the forecast period. The capability of visualizing with improved digital elements has been one of the prime benefits offered by AR VR, and this technology has found a wide range of applications across several end-use industries. The oil & gas industry is among those industries that are rapidly adopting AR VR for enhancing their business processes. AR VR in the oil & gas industry helps in performing risky operational activities such as oil drilling in deep oceans. This keeps employees away from performing such risky operations.

Oil and gas companies use AR VR solutions to perform operations that reduces the turnaround time, are cost efficient, and saves a lot of time as well. Sensor-based connected devices such as rig monitoring equipment, generators, compressors and other forms of underground drilling equipment can use AR VR enabled applications embedded in them. This has allowed engineers to perform risky operations effectively, without the need to be physically present at the site and to receive real-time information on the equipment performance and health. Rig monitoring systems need to be checked at regular intervals such for performance issues like parts breakdown, overload, and/or performance lag, and AR VR enabled applications can effectively carry out such activities with a lesser turnaround time. Further, AR VR can also enhance the visual experience of the underground layout including vital components such as geological formation, structural faults, and seismic traces, among others. Using this information, geologists, production engineers, and field engineers can make real-time strategic decisions during drilling operations.

In addition to these, the immersive 3D view presented by AR VR helps in simulation and training in the oil & gas industry. Field engineers and process operators receive hands on expertise and enough knowledge of the entire process of production, drilling, transportation, and processing, without the need to be physically present at the site location. In the oil & gas industry, routine processes require long hours of dedicated work under risky conditions. Due to this, an in-depth training program is essential for these, which in turn has created several opportunities for AR VR in oil and gas market ecosystem.

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Ecosystem Snapshot: AR VR in Oil and Gas Market Overview

AR VR in Oil and Gas Ecosystem


Based on products, head mounted displays accounted for the majority share in 2018 and is likely to display similar trends in the coming years as well. For training and simulation in the oil & gas sector, HMDs are considered a better option compared to other products, as they provide a heightened degree of realism for training and simulation applications. HMDs provide superior image quality and performance, and they are also rugged and lightweight. Large oil & gas corporations use HMDs for geolocation, especially when it comes to tracking tools and back-up components while working in closed and dark environments. Further, HMDs also aid in reducing the cost incurred during training programs. The use of smart glasses or helmets help workers receive on-the-job training from experts located elsewhere.

Augmented reality is widely used in the oil & gas industry for remote monitoring purposes. The mentor can see through the field engineer’s camera and can draw the operator’s field of view in order to collaborate on finding a solution to the problem. While VR headsets are considered ideal, as they provide the best learning experience, VR applications can be streamed to a handheld device as well. The full-scale implementation of AR VR, AI, and blockchain could add approximately US$ 1 Trn to the value of oil & gas corporations over the next 11 years.

AR VR in Oil and Gas Market Ecosystem: Segmentation




Raw Materials


Training & Simulation

Head Mounted Displays




Maintenance & Monitoring

Handheld Screens





Smart Glass





AR Screens






Graphics (Cards)





Audio IC’s
























Global AR VR in Oil and Gas Market Ecosystem

Based on regions, the Middle East & Africa dominated the global market for AR VR in oil and gas in 2018. The Middle East is the world leader in the oil & gas industry. Several large oil and gas producers are located across the Middle East in countries such as Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, and Iraq. Saudi Arabia accounts for approximately 15% of the total oil output and is considered the world’s largest producer of oil, while Iraq is currently ranked the second largest producer of oil in the region. Saudi Aramco is planning five expansions - four for crude oil and one for natural gas, in order to boost the output of the Saudi Arabian economy. The company’s MSC capacity was measured at 12 Mn barrels per day in 2018. However, the new expansion is expected to add 1.45 Mn barrels per day as the additional capacity. Such expansions are expected to boost the market for AR VR in the oil & gas market ecosystem in Saudi Arabia in the coming years.

North America is considered a lucrative region for this market as well, with the U.S. spearheading the growth of this industry in North America. It is expected that the complete penetration of AR VR could add US$ 1.5 Trn to the global economy, giving it a tremendous boost. The U.S., China, and Japan are expected to be the major contributors to the GDP boost at US$ 537 Bn, US$ 183.3 Bn, and US$ 143.2 Bn respectively. Further, AR VR solutions are expected to create immense job opportunities in countries such as China, the U.S., Germany, Japan, and the U.K.

AR VR in Oil and Gas Ecosystem: Market Statistics Glimpse

AR VR in Oil & Gas Ecosystem- Market Statistics Glimpse

There are many trends that are having an impact on the AR VR in Oil & Gas Ecosystem market forecast. These, when evaluated from a company’s perspective, can drive growth. Our numerous consulting projects have generated sizeable synergies across all regions and all sizes of companies.

AR VR In Oil and Gas Market Ecosystem: Key Players


Ecosystem Positioning

Total Revenue



Microsoft Corporation

Product Manufacturer

$110.4 Billion

AR VR Industry


Google LLC

Product Manufacturer

$136.22 Billion

AR VR Industry



Product Manufacturer

$14 Billion

AR VR Industry


HTC Corporation

Product Manufacturer

$0.73 Billion

AR VR Industry



Product Manufacturer

$55 Billion

AR VR Industry



Very few markets have the interconnectivity with other markets like AR VR. Our Interconnectivity module focuses on the key nodes of heterogenous markets in detail. Smart Sensors, Head Mounted Displays, Silicon, and Smart Glass are some of our key researched markets

AR VR in Oil and Gas Market Ecosystem Major Interconnectivities

AR VR in Oil & Gas Major Interconnectivities


Global AR VR in Oil and Gas Market Ecosystem: Key Trends




An increase in the use of augmented reality headsets by employees at drilling platforms, in order to repair oil rigs faster and more efficiently. This helps organizations in improving efficiency and reducing operation costs

Maintenance & Monitoring

Head-Mounted Displays


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  1. Introduction
    1. Global AR VR in Oil and Gas Definition
    2. Scope of study
    3. About FABRIC


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  2. Executive Summary
    1. Global Market Segmentation
    2. Global Market Overview
    3. Global Market Statistics
    4. Mega Trends
    5. Competitive Landscape
      1. SWOT
      2. PEST
      3. Company Ranking
    6. Market Attractiveness

Ecosystem Positioning

  1. Global AR VR in Oil and Gas Snapshot
    1. Global AR VR in Oil and Gas Broad Heads
      1. Demand Side
      2. Supply Side
    2. Global AR VR in Oil and Gas Segmentation
      1. By Application
        1. Training & Simulation
        2. Maintenance & Monitoring
      2. By Products
        1. Head Mounted Displays
        2. Handheld Screens
        3. Smart Glass
        4. AR Screens
      3. By Components
        1. Sensors
        2. Camera
        3. IMU
        4. Processor
        5. Graphics (cards)
        6. Audio IC’s
        7. Memory
        8. Displays
        9. Modules
        10. Others
      4. By Raw Material
        1. Silicon
        2. GaN
        3. Glass
        4. Plastic
        5. SiC
        6. Metal
        7. Others
      5. By Offering
        1. Solutions
        2. Services
      6. By Region
        1. North America
          1. U.S.
          2. Canada
          3. Mexico
        2. Asia Pacific
          1. China
          2. Japan
          3. India
          4. Australia
          5. South Korea
          6. Rest of APAC
        3. Europe
          1. UK
          2. France
          3. Germany
          4. Italy
          5. Spain
          6. Rest of Europe
        4. Rest of world
          1. LATAM
          2. MEA
  2. Competitive Landscape Mapping by Ecosystem Positioning
    1. Company by each node
    2. Vendor Landscaping
  3. Ecosystem Level Analysis

Trend Analysis

  1. Global AR VR in Oil & Gas Trends
    1. Trend Mapping
      1. Trend Description
      2. Trend Evaluation
        1. Impact
        2. Importance
        3. Remarks
      3. Trend Outlook (Short, Mid, Long Term)
      4. Trend Company Mapping
      5. Related Global AR VR in Oil & Gas Mapping
      6. Trend Region/Country Mapping

Global AR VR in Oil & Gas Market Regulatory Analysis

  1. Overview
    1. Regulatory Mapping
    2. Regulatory Impact
    3. Regulatory Interlinkage

Global AR VR in Oil and Gas Market Sizing, Volume and ASP Analysis & Forecast

  1. Global AR VR in Oil & Gas Sizing & Volume
    1. Cross-segmentation
    2. Global AR VR in Oil and Gas Sizing and Global AR VR in Oil & Gas Forecast
    3. Global AR VR in Oil & Gas Volume Analysis
    4. Average Selling Price Analysis
    5. Global AR VR in Oil & Gas Growth Analysis

Competitive Intelligence

  1. Competitive Intelligence
    1. Top Industry Players vs Trend Tagging
        1. Importance
        2. Trend Nature (Positive/ Negative)
        3. Value
        4. Interconnectivity for each vendor
    2. Global AR VR in Oil & Gas Market Share Analysis
        1. By Each Node
    3. Strategies Adopted by Global AR VR in Oil & Gas Market participants
        1. Global AR VR in Oil & Gas Strategies
        2. New product launch Strategies
        3. Geographic Expansion Strategies
        4. Product-line Expansion Strategies
        5. Operational / Efficiency building Strategies
        6. Other Strategies

Company Profiles

  1. Company Profiling Summary
    1. Company List & Fundamentals
    2. Ecosystem Positioning
  2. Company Profiles - including the:
    1. Zco Corporation
      1. Company Fundamentals
      2. Subsidiaries list
      3. Share Holding Pattern
      4. Key Employees and Board of Directors
      5. Financial Analysis
        1. Financial Summary
        2. Ratio Analysis
        3. Valuation Metrics
      6. Product & Services
      7. Client & Strategies
      8. Ecosystem Presence
      9. SWOT
      10. Trends Mapping
      11. Analyst Views
    2. Facebook, Inc.
    3. Google LLC
    4. Microsoft Corporation
    5. Veative Labs
    6. Sony Corporation
    7. BAE Systems, Inc
    8. HTC Corporation
    9. Lenovo
    10. Acer
    11. FOVE, Inc.
    12. Beijing ANTVR Technology CO., LTD
    13. Pico Interactive Inc.
    14. LG Electronics
    15. Open Source Virtual Reality
    16. Pimax Technology
    17. StarVR Corp.
    18. Magic Leap
    19. Carl Zeiss A.G.
    20. Next/Now
    21. GameAnax Inc
    22. Unity Technologies
    23. Upskill

Global AR VR in Oil and Gas Market Developments

  1. Global AR VR in Oil & Gas Events & Rationale
    1. R&D, Technology and Innovation
    2. Business & Corporate advancements
    3. M&A, JVs/Partnerships
    4.  Political, Macro-economic, Regulatory
    5.  Awards & Recognition
    6. Others

Research Methodology & Approach

  1. Research Methodology and Approach
    1. Assumptions/ Inferences
    2. Sources
      1. Primary Interviews
      2. Secondary Sources
        1. Key Secondary Webpages
        2. Whitepapers
        3. Annual Reports
        4. Investor/Analyst Presentations
    3. Appendix
    4. Contact

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