Gynecological Care Simulators Market By Product Type (Standardized Patient Simulation, Virtual Reality Simulation, Tissue-based Simulation, Others), By Application (Speculum Examinations, Fallopian Occlusion, Catheterization, IUD Insertion and Removal, Others), By End-users (Medical School, Nursing Institutes, Others), and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, MEA) - Global Forecasts 2017 to 2027

Date : Apr 2021


Report ID : 435


Category : Healthcare

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Gynecological Care Simulators Market Report Overview:

The Gynecological Care Simulators market stood at US$ 195.3 Mn in 2020, expanding at a CAGR of 14.4% during the forecast period. The gynecological care simulator is a result of continuous technological advancement in the field of the healthcare sector over the concerns of patient safety. The gynecological care simulators allow the medical students and nurses to obtain training using the simulation techniques as in most of the cases in medical schools and nursing institutes the availability of live patients for training is low.

Additionally, the adoption and requirement of minimally invasive surgery have seen an upward growth which is further expected to proliferate the market for gynecological care simulators. There are opportunities for manufacturers to invest more in R&D in the gynecological care simulators market to bring in disruptive technologies. During the forecast period, the online distribution of products is projected to increase at a high rate owing to the growing demand for e-commerce along with rising awareness regarding online shopping among consumers.

The technological advancement in the medical field is generating lucrative opportunities for the companies in gynecological care simulators. Educational limitations provide room for improvement of medical training using digital gynecological care simulators such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). The development of virtual reality content for medical simulation is the key challenge for the medical simulation industry. Additionally, the development of the 3D models, model prototypes, and the development of various anatomical 3D printing technology can enhance the production process, and thus rapid prototyping is possible.

Gynecological Care Simulator Market

The research report analyses the ecosystem and value chain of the Gynecological Care Simulators market. The report categorizes the Gynecological Care Simulators Market to forecast the revenues and analyze the trends in each of the following below-mentioned market segments.

Gynecological Care Simulators Market Segmentation:

Market Size by Product Type

  • Standardized Patient Simulation
  • Virtual Reality Simulation
  • Tissue-based Simulation
  • Others

Market Size by Applications

  • Speculum Examinations
  • Fallopian Occlusion
  • Catheterization
  • IUD Insertion and Removal
  • Others

Market Size by End-users

  • Medical School
  • Nursing Institutes
  • Others


  • North America
    • US
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • UK
    • Germany
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Russia
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • India
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • Singapore
    • Rest of APAC
  • Latin America
    • Mexico
    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Rest of LATAM
  • Middle East & Africa
    • GCC
    • Rest of MEA

The unique insights provided by the PC as a Service market report also includes the following:

  1. In-depth value chain analysis
  2. Opportunity mapping
  3. Sector snapshot
  4. Technology landscape
  5. Regulatory scenario
  6. Market trends
  7. Covid-19 impact analysis
  8. Pricing trends
  9. Sustainability trends and environmental concerns
  10. Competitive Landscape
  11. Customer Experience Outline & Enhancement Strategies
  12. Brands and Purchase Channels
  13. Key PC Factors Impacting RoI for a Business
  14. Strategic Moves

Trend Analysis of Gynecological Care Simulator Market

Positive Trends:

  • Increasing adoption of virtual reality augmented reality for team training and communication in the healthcare simulation program
  • The emergence of 3D printed simulators, medical devices, and surgical tools at manageable costs
  • Rise in the minimally invasive gynecologic survey to boost the need for gynecological care simulators
  • Medical Schools are providing better hands-on training and simulation experience related to IUDs
  • Gynecological care simulator plays a key role in both outcome-based as well as competency-based medical education

Adverse Trends:

  • The cost of maintenance of simulators can impact the gynecological care simulator industry negatively
  • Higher costs of AR VR devices
  • Unavailability of qualified simulation instructors in nursing institutes and medical schools

Opportunity Analysis of Gynecological Care Simulators Market:

Factors  Opportunities
Raw Material 1. The major raw materials used in gynecological care simulators are wood and plastic.
2. The opportunity for plastic-based gynecological care simulators is estimated to be high in the near future due to low cost, and easy availability among others. However, the demand for wood-based gynecological care simulators is estimated to be low owing to the environmental impact of using wood for product manufacturing along with enhancing government regulations.
Technology 1. The key technologies anticipated to play a major role in the gynecological care simulators are augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printed simulators, and others.
2. The opportunity for AR, VR, and 3D printed simulators is projected to be high in the years to come due to the high adoption of these technologies in the healthcare industry worldwide.
Manufacturing 1. The key gynecological care simulator manufacturers are Gaumard Scientific, Applied Medical Resources Corporation, 3D Systems Inc., and others.
2. The rising demand for gynecological care simulators in developing economies has increased the opportunity for manufacturers to develop and manufacture products with advanced technologies.

In terms of market by product type, the standardized patient simulation market segment accounted for the largest share in the Gynecological Care Simulators market in the year 2020

On the basis of product type, the Gynecological Care Simulators market is segmented as standardized patient simulation, virtual reality simulation, tissue-based simulation, and others. The increasing use of simulation 3D models for training and development of medical and nursing students is anticipated to drive the demand for standardized patient simulation market segment during the forecast period.

The advancement in augmented and virtual reality technologies is driving the demand for virtual reality simulation in gynecological care simulators and the segment is growing at a CAGR of 16.3% during the period 2021-2027. Moreover, the tissue-based simulation program allows students to gain hands-on skills, develop clinical decision-making skills, become familiar with the situations that they may experience in clinical settings, improve their abilities to choose appropriate interruption,s and experience teamwork.

On the basis of application, the speculum examinations market segment is the fastest-growing segment in the Gynecological Care Simulators market

On the basis of application, the Gynecological Care Simulators market is segmented as speculum examination, fallopian occlusion, catheterization, IUD insertion and removal, and others. The IUD insertion and removal and application segment accounted for the largest market share of 28.5% in 2020.

The traditional use of the corpus has organizational and logistics factors such as lack of an efficient number of corpses for dissection in order to prevent student overload, need of trained personnel, health risks due to elongated exposure and contact with copses, and high cost of maintaining dissection labs. Using the simulated models reduces the risks from the labs and medical institutes improving the learning efficiency of students.

On the basis of region, North America held the largest market share in the Gynecological Care Simulators market segment in 2020

In 2020, North America held the largest market share of 46.9% in the gynecological care simulators market and is anticipated to witness similar trends throughout the forecast period. The growing adoption of technologically advanced products in healthcare training along with the growing number of Gynecological surgeries are key factors contributing to the growth of gynecological care simulators. As per the recent statistics published by The Center for Innovative GYN Care in 2020, in the U.S. more than 5,00,000 women undergo a hysterectomy every year and one in three will have a hysterectomy by the age of 60 years. Hysterectomy is the second most common type of women’s surgery after the Caesarean Section.

The growing adoption of immersive technologies such as AR, VR, and MR in the region for training purposes is one of the other key growth factors in the gynecological care simulator industry. Moreover, the rising healthcare expenditure along with increased research and development activities are further anticipated to enhance the Gynecological care simulator market in North America in the years to come.

The U.S. accounted for the largest market share in 2020, and Canada is witnessing the fastest growth in the Gynecological care simulator market in North America during the forecast period. The rising healthcare expenditure in Canada along with the use of immersive technologies for training and research is contributing to the overall demand.

The report also provides an in-depth analysis of market dynamics such as drivers, restraints opportunities, and challenges:


  • Limited access to live patients during training is accelerating the demand for gynecological care simulator
  • Increasing focus on the patient safety during medical training


  • High cost of gynecological care simulators
  • Low awareness and adoption of gynecological care simulators


  • Technology integration
  • Market penetration in emerging markets

The report also provides an in-depth analysis of recent developments in the Gynecological Care Simulators market

S. No Year Type News
1  December 2020 Product Launch Koken Co. Ltd. announced the launch of Obstetric Assistant Set type II, Hiroko LM-114. This set allows the practitioners to learn the obstetric assistance technique for normal delivery and free-style delivery. The fetal model can also reproduce the third rotation. The practice assistance techniques during vacuum extraction and forceps delivery are also possible. The placenta model’s umbilical cord can be controlled using Kocher forceps and an umbilical clip. The reproduction of the nuchal cord is also possible.
2 Jul-20 Product Launch Operative Experience Inc. (OEI), a U.S.-based company that developing hands-in-the-body simulators for medical purposes such as trauma, obstetrics, and surgical training introduced TCCS Female Plus. TCCS Female Plus is the first clinically responsive and high-fidelity and female patient simulator for combat medics applications. TCCS Female Plus joined OEI’s TCCS Plus male simulator for providing fully realistic and structurally accurate male as well as female patient simulators for additional training beyond the ‘golden hour’- the time succeeding a traumatic injury, where there are high chances of preventing death from prompt medical treatment.
3 Jan-20 Acquisition 3B Scientific, a Hamburg-based portfolio company of J.H. Whitney Capital Partners, LLC is the leading manufacturer and marketer of medical simulation and anatomical models for healthcare and patient education acquired iSimulate Pty Ltd. a leader in clinical education technology providing cost-effective and smart medical simulation solutions.

Company Profiles and Competitive Intelligence

The key players operating in the Gynecological Care Simulators market are:

  1. Gaumard Scientific
    1. Company Fundamentals
    2. Financial Analysis (Subject to Availability)
    3. Product Portfolio
    4. Recent Developments
    5. SWOT Analysis
  2. Applied Medical Resources Corporation       
  4. 3B Scientific
  5. VirtaMed AG
  6. 3D Systems, Inc.
  7. Operative Experience, Inc.
  8. The Chamberlain Group
  9. Inovus Medical
  10. Laerdal Medical
  11. MedVision
  12. AdamRouilly
  13. General Doctor
  14. Accurate Srl
  15. CAE Healthcare
  16. Nasco
  17. Erler Zimmer GmbH & Co. K
  18. Health-Edco
  19. Simulaids Ltd
  20. Kay Kay
  21. Other Notable Players

Key Questions Answered in the Gynecological Care Simulator Market Report:

  1. What factors are influencing the demand for gynecological care simulators?
  2. Who are the major manufacturers of gynecological care simulators?
  3. What are the challenges in the gynecological care simulator market?
  4. What is the share of companies in the gynecological care simulator market?
  5. Which are the regulatory bodies associated with gynecological care simulator market and how it impacts the market?
  6. What are the pain points in gynecological care simulator market?
  7. What are the business opportunities for new market entrants?
  8. How is the investment landscape of gynecological care simulator market?


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  1. Market Introduction
    1. Definition
    2. Scope Of The Study
    3. List Of Assumptions
    4. Market Structure
    5. Scope of the Study: Segmentation 
    6. Timeframe, Currency, and Limitations
  2. Executive Summary
    1. Market Summary
    2. Market Snapshot
    3. Regional Snapshot
    4. Country Snapshot
  3. Research Methodology
    1. 3P Research Approach
    2. Market Sizing Approach
    3. Data Sources
    4. Primary Research Coverage
  4. Market Overview
    1. Market Drivers
    2. Opportunities
    3. Value Chain Analysis
    4. Pricing Analysis
    5. Overview of Gynecological Care Simulators
  5. Premium Insights
    1. Section 4: Premium Insights
    2. Key Trend Analysis
    3. Major Investment Scenario
    4. New revenue Pockets
    5. Pain Point Analysis
    6. Company Market Share Analysis, by Region
    7. Strategies Adopted-Benchmarking Heat Map
    8. Regulatory Landscape
    9. Business Recommendations
    10. Marketing Channel Analysis
    11. Opportunity Mapping
    12. Market Share Analysis
    13. PESTEL Analysis
    14. Regional Lifecycle
    15. Developed vs. Developing Economies, 2020 vs 2027
  6.  COVID – 19 Opportunity Mapping
    1. Revenue Impact & Opportunity
    2. Strategic Adjustments
    3. Supply Chain Impact
    4. Impact Outlook
    5. Key Drivers & Anticipated Revival Period
    6. Key Trends Analysis
    7. Impact on End user Industry
    8. Opportunity Analysis
  7. Market Overview & Competitive Landscape
    1. Competitive Landscape
    2. Investment Scenario by key Players
    3. Key Player Overview
    4. Product comparison
    5. Player Wise Geographic Presence
    6. Player Wise Target Customer Segment
    7. Recent News
      1. Product Launches & upgrades
      2. R&D / Innovation
      3. Merger & Acquisition
      4. JV & Partnership
      5. Recognition and others
  8. Market Segmentation (Market Size and Share Analysis)
    1. Global Market Size & Historic Growth
    2. Market Size by Product Type
      1. Standardized Patient Simulation
      2. Virtual Reality Simulation
      3. Tissue-based Simulation
      4. Others
    3. Market Size by Application
      1. Speculum Examinations
      2. Fallopian Occlusion
      3. Catheterization
      4. IUD Insertion and Removal
      5. Others
    4. Market Size by End-users
      1. Medical School
      2. Nursing Institutes
      3. Others
    5. Geography
      1. North America
        1. US
        2. Canada
      2. Europe
        1. UK
        2. Germany
        3. France
        4. Italy
        5. Spain
        6. Russia
        7. Rest of Europe
      3. APAC
        1. China
        2. India
        3. Japan
        4. South Korea
        5. Singapore
        6. Rest of APAC
      4. Latin America
        1. Mexico
        2. Brazil
        3. Argentina
        4. Rest of LATAM
      5. Middle East & Africa
        1. GCC
        2. Rest of MEA
  9. Company Profiles
    1. Gaumard® Scientific
      1.  Company Fundamentals
      2. Financial Analysis (Subject to Availability)
      3. Product Portfolio
      4. Recent Developments
      5. SWOT Analysis
    2. Applied Medical Resources Corporation 
    3. KOKEN CO., LTD.
    4. 3B Scientific
    5. VirtaMed AG
    6. 3D Systems, Inc.
    7. Operative Experience, Inc.
    8. The Chamberlain Group
    9. Inovus Medical
    10. Laerdal Medical
    11. MedVision
    12. AdamRouilly
    13. General Doctor
    14. Accurate Srl
    15. CAE Healthcare
    16. Nasco
    17. Erler Zimmer GmbH & Co. K
    18. Health-Edco
    19. Simulaids Ltd
    20. Kay Kay
    21. Other Notable Players

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