Cyber-Resilience and Integrated Cybersecurity: 2-Pronged Approach for Current Cyber-Security Pain-points

Integrated Security is one of the critical factors in today’s cybersecurity industry. As per AllTheResearch 80% of organizations worldwide recognize that Cyber Resilience is a must and unavoidable. Because, the cyber-resilient business synergizes the capabilities of cybersecurity, business continuity, and enterprise resilience. It uses agile security strategies to respond quickly to threats most of the time at run-time, hence it can reduce the impact and continue to operate under attacks.

As per primary research conducted by AllTheResearch, organizations are already facing two major security challenges: 

  • More time on Tools and less on the investigation - Achieving effective security operations is one of the biggest challenges in corporate for many years. 63% of US respondents have mentioned that the most significant factor impacting their organizations' ability to work on IT security capabilities was that security departments invest spend too much time in maintaining and managing IT Security tools rather than performing RCA or investigations. The degree of complexity increases by working across multiple security dashboards, thus the need for a single source of truth is the most crucial demand in the cybersecurity ecosystem. 
  • A Complex Cyberthreat Landscape: The degree of cyber-strong IT environment is characterized by growing volumes of threats and attacks, lower entry barriers to commit attacks due to tools and data available on the Dark Web, blended threats that combine volume attacks with more stealthy dangers, and sophisticated attacks from highly motivated cybercriminals. 
  • Skill Set of Security Professionals: Around 12.5 million additional full-time employees will be requiring over the 2021– 2023 period to provide specialized IT skills, of which 11% would be in IT security.

Author Name: Nitish P.

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