The B2B marketing leaders of any industry are facing several challenges today, such as skill gaps, securing enough marketing budgets, devising an efficient B2B marketing strategy, and quality lead generation. Among these most leaders agree that quality lead/demand generation is their top challenge.

In today’s multiscreen environment, establishing a real connection with the consumer is harder than before. With extremely small attention spans and a high number of choices for products and services, the customers are very difficult to be attracted and retained. Additionally, the market is highly competitive and dynamic where companies are fighting to gain and retain customer attention.

The key challenges that marketing leaders are facing are reaching a targeted audience, improving the quality of content, tracking trends in social media, quality lead generation, identifying and fixing skill gaps, and improving the ROI.

This is where premium demand generation vendors come into the picture. They help the companies achieve a high ROI from their marketing budget, which is very difficult to secure, and help the companies overcome the key marketing pain points and challenges mentioned earlier.

Most marketing heads discussed their pain points as follows:

Author Name: Nitish P.

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