How IoT driving Transformation in the Logistics Sector

Logistic companies will be acquiring large volumes of data on their customers, supply chain, deliveries, fleet, drivers, and freight, as these organizations are increasingly adopting digital technologies. While many businesses presently gather this information, which will only expand in the future, it is still vastly underutilized. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being used in transportation by leading logistics companies, this information is likely to be used appropriately. According to Avira, IoT spending is likely to exceed USD 1.2 Trillion by 2022 as almost every company in the industry has been witnessing the importance of adopting digital transformation services and technologies to achieve huge success and outperform their competitors.

How is IoT transforming logistics?

Fierce competition and fluctuating client needs have encouraged the players to focus more on speedier delivery, smart fleet management, warehouse management, and others. This is revolutionizing aspects of customer care and experience to ensure and offer a flawless customer experience.

Smart devices are generally noted for their accuracy and precision through real-time data collection, making IoT is an excellent solution for these firms to attain the desired outcomes. Smart devices are playing an increasingly important role in the crucial transformation of logistics and transportation organizations, as evidenced by the growing number of IoT implementations across the industry.

Coverage of this whitepaper :-

  • Key application areas
  • Brief about technicalities of IoT relevant for logistic applications
  • Analyst commentary of latest trends

Author Name: Nitish P.

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