How to future proof digital innovation with next generation cloud-based silo busting ITSM solution - business

“ITSM is full of verschlimmbesserung – supposed improvements that make things worse. Correct this by adopting better change management principles and aligning all initiatives to a shared goal – exceptional customer experience.” – Stuart Rance, an expert in ITSM and information security

IT teams and professionals usually deal with a multitude of challenges, burdening them with IT services, especially while working remotely can be trying. With the adoption of IT services, remotely working IT professionals can efficiently provide timely and stress-free services online. Additionally, digital transformation activities require incorporating, streamlining, automating processes and operations, and cloud emancipation of technologies handling labour-intensive tasks. However, it is witnessed that unfortunately companies often delay the upgradation of these systems. This delay is resulting in increased downtime, lost productivity, dissatisfaction, and wreak havoc among support systems.

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 and driven pandemic has affecting across every operational part of the organization. The remotely working workforce has elevated IT- and skillset-related challenges in IT-department, questing their ability to deliver support amid changing organizational needs. In addition to this, the IT companies are facing challenges regarding telecommunication, adoption of core network infrastructure, a considerable surge in demand of support per user, and considerably higher security threats. Owing to the pandemic, dependencies on technology and remote working are rising. Additionally, the increase in inclination toward digital payments has increased to a whopping 70% and healthcare and BFSI companies have reported a sudden spike in cloud adoption resulting in workload in the business functioning. Thus, businesses are being forced to adopt digital technologies across a multitude of activities 20 to 25-times faster than they considered digitalization earlier. This concludes a rising need to adopt cloud-based technologies for offering modernized, intelligent, and intuitive ITSM platforms to empower employees with enriched expertise and enhanced service experience to offer services through a unified service inventory

Click here to procure copy of “How to future proof digital innovation with next generation cloud-based silo busting ITSM solution” whitepaper. Using internal research model, primary interviews of 25 CXOs and IT Directors our analysts have included below pointers in this whitepaper–

  • Analyst comments on factors impacting the growth of ITSM solution
  • Commentary on COVID impact of ITSM ecosystem
  • High -level stats of survey results conducted by AllTheResearch (Brand of AVIRAInsights Technologies)
  • CXO perspectives on how “ITSM breaks IT silos”

Author Name: Nitish P.

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