How will a learning experience platform help facilitate new learning models?

How will a learning experience platform help facilitate new learning models?

Self-directed learning, goal-based learning, and professional skill sharpening courses are currently buzzwords in the learning and development sector. These phrases jointly describe the overall ‘Learning Experience Platform' (LXP). The LXP is learning and development (L&D) platform with most recent breakthrough, developed in response to learners' fast changing needs in an environment rich in digital touchpoints and with a greater emphasis on ROI.

LXPs are excellent for lifelong learning. They can assist employees in increasing their productivity by encouraging peer learning or recommending mentors. They can also use social learning to guarantee that learning continues even after they leave the office. The ability to connect and download already created courses or purchase a membership for single or multiple to courses, wasn't even a possibility a few years ago due to corporate LMS platform limits.

Today, LXPs make it simple to find a course you're looking for on platforms and start course using multiple devices thanks to their amazing cross-platform support. The LXP is a cloud-based learning solution focuses on providing more personalized courses to enhance the user experience by leveraging technologies including AI and machine learning, which further drives a more personalized approach to learning.

The LXP is a substantial advancement over the traditional LMS's 'one size fits all' content hub, and it curates and aggregates appropriate information based on data provided by students at the point of need. As a result, the LXP enables the construction of career and learning pathways to assist learners in strategically developing their job abilities.

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How a LXP facilitate new learning models

  1. User Experience is at the heart of LXPs
  2. LXPs Aid in the Development of Learning Cultures
  3. User Experience owing to its ease
  4. Suitable for a Wide Range of Organizations

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