Human Resource Information System: An Analysis of Critical Pain Points


Organizations in today’s world need to focus on several aspects of a business process, to function smoothly. Improving staff productivity, optimizing labor costs and ensuring accurate and timely payment to the employees, adequate tax filing are some of the key areas that organizations need to lay more stress on.  To achieve this, organizations are forming long term collaborations with third party HRIS software vendors, to whom they can outsource certain vital business functions and allow them to perform the job accurately

However, as more organizations began to adopt HRIS software, certain pain points surfaced circling the platform. Major pain points include complicated user interface, feature customization, slow troubleshooting, longer deployment time, cross border payroll compliance issues, technological integration, and multi-device access among others

We conducted a survey with several HR and finance professionals, who are most likely to use the HRIS platform. With a sample size of 200 (HR and finance), we have received responses that correlate to the major pain points of using HRIS software. The graph to the right shows the major pain points witnessed by the HR/Finance professionals with respect to their HRIS software

Key Pain Points of HRIS Software

  • Multi-device Access: Out of the total number of respondents surveyed, 10% of the respondents claimed that they face difficulties accessing their HRIS platform when they are not in the office, or not in front of their workstations. HR/finance professionals have claimed that it would be beneficial if the HRIS software can be accessed from multiple devices that include smartphones & tablets. Further, demand for remote access has been noted among employees as well. Employees have claimed that they feel more comfortable to have the HRIS software in their smartphones/tablets as it would allow them to update information such as leave of absence, etc. from their mobile devices
  • Feature Customization: Feature customization is a key pain point faced by the HR/finance professionals. Several professionals belonging to the HR and finance fraternity demand specific features within a platform, which is useful for them. However, in most cases they end up paying for the entire platform including features that are not required by them. Due to this reason, several organizations end up building their own inhouse HRIS software platforms incorporating the required features onto the platform. This brings down the operational cost of an organization. However, inhouse HRIS software often lack proper functionality, which is why customization is still a heavy demand among HR and finance professionals

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Author Name: Chandroday C.

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