It now or never: Technology is the only remedy to avoid logistic bottlenecks

Today’s customer-centric approach of most businesses along with the day-by-day changing face of the industry is becoming overwhelming for the logistic/supply chain industry. In such scenarios, the industry is constantly under pressure to remain at competitive edge and findings ways to optimize operations. However, during this struggle, the industry is struggling with few issues related to capacity, institutional, and operations.


In order to deal with these challenges or bottlenecks, the modern approach is being adopted. As these situations have occurred in specific areas or specific functions, they can be identified and eliminated, which results in boosting overall efficiency and performance. Owing to the rising adoption of such factors, the spending of supply chain and logistics on technology in the US is likely to increase to USD 90 Bn by 2025 and expand nearly at 4% over the next few years.

Author Name: Nitish P.

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