Less is More: Monetizing the Shorter Attention Span of Customers

According to research, human beings’ ability to focus on a task is alarmingly decreasing. In 2000, the human attention was 12 seconds. In 2015, it came down to a paltry 8.25 seconds, which is shorter than the attention span of the notoriously ill-focused goldfish (9 seconds).

Information explosion is a major reason behind the drastic fall of human attention span. We are being presented with gargantuan volumes of information everywhere. In simpler terms, we have too much information to consume and too little time to consume it. Also, the increasing tendency for muti-tasking is also a major reason for reducing attention span.

Establishing and Retaining Viewer Engagement: Less is More

As we just established that video viewership is gaining significant traction, it is now important to tie it to the central tenet of this paper—the reducing attention span of human beings—and explore the various ways audience engagement can be established and maintained.

The most natural way to break the attention span barrier is to pack the message in packages that can be consumed within a short duration. This is achieved using Bite Size videos.

Another way to win audience engagement is by hyper-personalization of content—analyzing consumer behavior and interests and offering them the content they like to view.

Monetization of such engagements can be facilitated by the use of interactive content where the user gets an immersive experience and is also presented with a powerful Call to Action that will persuade them to purchase a product or service

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Author Name: Nitish P.

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