• It would be safe to say the COVID-19 pandemic has overall changed the entire face of HCM implementation across Businesses and Sectors. 
  • Talent has always been crucial when it comes to the implementation of HCM. Having said that Leaders were initially in the practice of monitoring employees and Key deliverables all under one roof.
  • The pandemic has impacted almost all sectors from the beginning of the year 2020. Massive changes in the systems of mapping of productivity, Key performance indicators and employee management have been seen.
  • The time spent by the leaders in mapping the efficiency, productivity, and deliverables of their teams was relatively less owing to its compact nature. 
  • Remote working was not a fully embraced concept unless absolutely needed as no businesses had foreseen a surge in this trend until the pandemic  
  • Effective leadership has always been the driving factor behind any company's performance while, imparting remote training in order to address challenges such as Leadership of remote teams was a skill set most managers lacked. 
  • Drastic changes have been caused by the novel corona virus (COVID-19) which has had anomalous implications on Businesses around the globe. The influence on the human resource management has been profound to say the least. No one could have foreseen the change in the HCM practices owing to such a short span of time.
  • The economic consequences of the global pandemic (Covid-19) has included an acceleration in the process of digitalization.
  • The Managements now feel the need to use digital platforms with immediate effect which has helped enabling access to jobs for their employees.
  • Human Capital Management has played an essential role in helping their organizations to navigate seamlessly in the face of the dramatic changes caused by the lockdown.
  • Keeping in view the nature of change that has been caused; the Human Capital Management has seen a paradigm shift in the way it has to function. This change has been imperative; best suited to the Business and its employee needs.

Author Name: Antara K.

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