Paradigm Shifts in Endpoint Security on the back of Pandemic

The criticality of Network security has always boosted the efforts to optimize the network security industry. There were many instances in history which compelled companies to adapt and adjust their network security strategies. But there are few events in modern history as powerful an impact as the Covid-19, which impacted the network security industry.

Below are few ways how the networking industry has impacted due to Covid-19 

  1. Growth in Network security tech development 

As per AllTheResearch almost 40% of companies have offered Work from Home (WFH) to employees first time and investments in tech developments of network security have grown 12% in 2020. To meet this demand, network security industry players also improved their DNS security-related offerings. It's one thing to secure your office with on-site workers, but security across a remote network is a different challenge. More secure virtualization of a network across the internet is essential for business operations, and the technology will continue to develop at an accelerated rate to meet that need.

  1. Shifts in nature of employment 

The trend of WFH disrupted traditional nature employment. Growth in remote work, caused companies to rely more on part-timers /contract workers. This shift boosted the deployment of network security assets, the surge in internet traffic, and investments to manage these part-timers, remote workers, and remote offices. 

Author Name: Nitish P.

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