Payers and Providers Perceived Value Mapping for Billing Automation Software

Mobile charge capture (or billing) is a structured billing, coding, and documentation process that medical providers use to accurately record services rendered during the course of treatment in order to collect revenue for treatments.  Traditionally it involved huge stacks of papers batched for billers and manual tracking of charges, which rendered it an inefficient process.

However, the proliferation of smart mobile devices and could—based billing software has significantly improved the speed and accuracy of the end—to—end billing process.

The use of medical billing software simplifies the tracking of billing information and allows healthcare providers to spend more time on patient care. Billing software automates the entire billing workflow process, right from appointment scheduling all the way up through payment. Cloud—based, as opposed to on— premise, solutions are being increasingly adopted to accommodate real—time information sharing among various parties and facilities.

This report analyses the perceived value of billing automation software for payers and providers in modern healthcare practice.


Primary Benefits

Cloud—based billing solutions offer a wide variety of benefits, such as easy accessibility, seamless integration with other business applications, and cost savings. Unlike an on—premise solution, a cloud—based/ web—based medical billing software solution runs on a remote server. Cloud—hosting enables the software to be accessible on virtually any device connected to the internet. This allows clinicians to perform billing tasks using their mobile devices on the go.

Thus, cloud—based billing solutions save healthcare providers time, so they can spend more time with their patients. This also reduces the stress of doing complex paperwork.

Author Name: Nitish P.

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