Role of ITSM platform to Improve Collaboration Between Different Business Functions

Digital transformation is being embraced by more companies than ever before. 76% of c-suit professionals believe the COVID-19 epidemic has sped up the initiatives of automating operations and the development of next-generation operational models by months to years. IT has been at the heart of digital transformation and is already dealing with ever- increasing complexity and needs in business operations, is now under unreasonable pressure to deliver.

The requirement for better company agility—the capacity to respond quickly to constantly changing market conditions, corporate needs, and consumer expectations—is one of the most compelling reasons why companies are pursuing digital transformation. Owing to pandemic and need of shifting business operations online, the rate of technological adoption is higher in past two years.  Overall maturity in business operations has improved by 8% every year after 2018.

During our study, many participants reported that their firms performed better due to technology amid COVID-19, they also mentioned adoption of business agility principles in the past two months helped them to do better amid tough times. Organizations are focusing on IT as a fundamental, foundational function in supporting total digital transformation as they help making decisions over investments and to achieve better business agility.

IT teams are recognizing the need for more dynamic infrastructure to meet changing IT needs, better control over expenses, and tactically focus on human capital as part of this transformation.

Read this paper to understand:

  • Key challenges of cross-team collaboration
  • Improve Collaboration Between Different Business Functions through
  • Increased efficiency and transparency in IT processes and services
  • Optimizing operations of the company to boost efficiency
  • Boost Self-Service Productivity and Improve Customer Service and Experience
  • Boost Productivity
  • Gain a better understanding of operations and employee performance

Author Name: Nitish P.

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