Role of LMS to monitor resources post COVID era

In response to the epidemic, organizations throughout the world changed gears to virtual workplace models and remote working practices to ensure company continuity. Increased cost-cutting opportunities, increased staff productivity, and the lack of a vaccination all point to this theme continuing for the foreseeable future. The epidemic emphasized investing in digital technology including video conferencing tools, cloud platforms, and Learning Management Systems (LMS). While the Digital India campaign planted the seeds of a digital economy, it was COVID-19 that pushed large-scale digital adoption and transformation, necessitating the acquisition of new skills.

Organizations are increasingly striving to implement capability-building projects in light of ever-changing business conditions. As new developments such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) continue to disrupt methods of working, upskilling and lifetime learning have become critical.

Challenges related that companies are facing due to COVID19

  • Getting used to a new L&D reality
  • Employee training in a hybrid workplace
  • keeping employees engaged training consistency

A paradigm changes in the learning environment

According to our study, the environment related to training and learning in organizations has changed changing significantly. And we noticed:

  • About 70% of learning activities were supported by talent borrowed from the company.
  • 65% made use of current virtual assistant technologies.
  • 75% concentrated on developing and communicating specific learning-related content.

Workplace dynamics are changing because of the epidemic.

The connection of learning to business goals was rated as a priority by 57% of the companies polled. The changing corporate environment and innovations brought about by COVID-19, such as remote working and virtualization, have forced organizations to reconsider the role of learning. Organizations are attempting to develop learning techniques to effectively incorporate learning into the company. As disruptors continue to influence practically every industry, organizations' learning departments are redefining how they generate and distribute learning material to align learning with organizational goals.

Author Name: Nitish P.

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