Top 5 Variables to Study While Selecting Piping Fabrication Vendor


Fabricated Piping is the lifeline of any industrial or process plant as they play an important role in the transportation of fluids and gases in and around a plant. A well-built, flawless piping network is crucial for the successful operation of many factories, Power Plants, Oil Refineries, FPSO Chemical Plants, FPSO Units, Food Processing, etc. However, poorly fabricated pipes can cause serious disruptions to the operations, resulting in huge revenue loss and even loss of life.

When such high stakes are riding on the industrial piping network, the selection of the piping fabricator becomes a critically important task. The right fabricator not just supplies high-quality piping systems but also adds value by being a strategic partner in the successful and uninterrupted operation of business.

This report focuses on the top 5 parameters that the procurement executives must consider when selecting a piping fabrication vendor.

Before the Vendor Selection Process

If you need to find a vendor who will perfectly match your requirements, the first step is to chalk out the requirements precisely. The procurement team should have elaborate discussions with various stakeholders such as the top management, the engineering team, the marketing and sales teams, etc. to understand the requirements of the company, the budget, and the timeline for the procurement.

Once gaining a solid clarity of the company’s requirements, the procurement team should begin scouting for vendors. While doing so they must specifically look for the following 5 parameters in a vendor’s profile.

1. The Vendor’s Experience and Clientele

2. Quality Certifications

3. Range of products

4. Welding Expertise

5. Excellent Customer Support

Author Name: Antara K.

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