Global Odor Eliminator Market to Receive a Major Boost from Increasing Industrialization and Government Regulations Regarding Cl

Odor eliminators are basically chemicals that can reduce odor or unpleasant smell by eliminating the root cause behind it. For example, many odor eliminators contain activated charcoal that removes odor by adsorbing it. On the other hand, bioenzyme products or odor eliminators neutralize the odor-causing microorganisms to eliminate the root cause of foul smell.

The global odor eliminator market is expected to grow at a modest rate of 4.9% CAGR during 2017 to 2022. By 2022, the market is projected to reach USD 11.15 billion. The growth of the global market will be mainly fueled by increasing awareness about clean and hygienic environment among people, which has encouraged the use of odor eliminators.

Increasing penetration of odor eliminators in developing and underdeveloped countries is another factor that will drive the global market for odor eliminators. Increasing industrialization, especially in developing countries will also increase the use of odor eliminators in these countries. This will give a major boost to the odor eliminator market.

The market will receive another major boost from government regulations regarding clean environment, especially restrictions imposed on the release of pollutants to the atmosphere. Due to increasing industrialization in developing countries, the usage of activated charcoal in odor elimination application is high in these countries. The activated charcoal segment is expected to dominate global odor eliminator market.

The use of filter-based devices for odor elimination has also been growing continuously and this too will contribute immensely towards the growth of the global market. these devices use adsorption technique for odor elimination.

On the other hand, bioenzymes are eco-friendly products, but their usage is largely limited to the developing countries. This is because bioenzyme products are premium products and hence they are more expensive as compared to other odor eliminators.

Currently, the global odor eliminator market is being dominated by Europe while Asia-Pacific has emerged as the fastest growing region in the global market. The impressive growth of the Asia-Pacific region can be mainly attributed to increasing industrialization and growing awareness about hygiene in emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region such as China and India.

The most prominent players that have been dominating the global odor eliminator market are, Osaka Gas Chemicals, Cabot Corporation, Dow Chemical Company, Novozymes, and Nalco (Ecolab).

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