Increasing Demand from Healthcare, Packaging, and Pulp & Paper Industry to Boost the Global Nanocellulose Market

Nanocellulose refers to nano-structured cellulose, which are obtained from plant matter. They are basically composed of nano sized cellulose fibrils. Nanocellulose has found a wide range of applications due to its properties of being lightweight, electrically conductive, non-toxicity, biodegradability, stiffer than Kevlar, and high tensile strength.  

The global nanocellulose market is expected to post significant growth in the coming years. Increasing application of nanocellulose in healthcare, biomedical, packaging, and composites sectors are going to drive the growth of the global market. The easy availability of raw materials and rising investments on research & development are expected to have a positive effect on the global market.

In future, nanocellulose is expected to emerge as an alternative to a number of existing products, which will give a major boost to the global Nanocellulose Market. Nanocellulose is widely used in a range of personal care products and therefore, the growth of the personal care industry will promote the growth of the nanocellulose market as well. Growing application in the pulp & paper industry is another major driver for the nanocellulose market.

The food packaging industry is a major end-user of nanocellulose. The use of nanocellulose in the food packaging industry is likely to increase in the coming days, mainly due to some favorable properties of nanocellulose such as biodegradability, transparency, flexibility, ease of disposability, and high mechanical strength. This is also going to give a boost to the global nanocellulose market.

Apart from these, factors such as increasing demand for sustainable products due to rising concerns about the environment, increasing demand for healthcare applications such as bio-barriers, antimicrobial films, biopolymers, sanitary napkins, tampons, and wound dressings, and growing investments in R&D to develop application specific products will fuel the growth of the global market.

However, like other markets, the nanocellulose market is also expected to experience some major changes in the coming days due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. The global coronavirus pandemic has forced many sectors of the economy to operate below their capacity. This can impact the demand for nanocellulose in various end-use industries and thus, affect its growth.

North America and Europe are expected to register faster growth in the global nanocellulose market. The competitive and diversified industrial sector is the main driver for the European market, which is the largest market for nanocellulose.

The major players operating in the global nanocellulose market are CelluComp, Asahi Kasei Corporation, Daicel, Rettenmaier & Sohne, BASF AG, Oji Paper, CelluForce, Nippon Paper Industries, FiberLean Technologies, Borregaard, Stora Enso, Rise Innventia, American Process Inc., Melodea, Blue Goose Biorefineries, FPInnovations, and VTT, among others.

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