3D Printing in Aerospace Market Ecosystem Worth $5.93 Billion By 2024

Rapid innovation in the technology of 3D printers is likely to expand 3D printing capabilities in the global 3D Printing in Aerospace Market in the coming years. The airline industry is a driving force behind the development of the 3D printing technology in the aerospace industry. Airlines depend on 3D printing to improve supply chain limitations, reduce warehouse space, and shrink waste materials in conventional manufacturing processes. The increasing use of 3D printing in the aviation industry is expected to lead to market growth in the coming years.

According to AllTheResearch, the global 3D Printing in Aerospace Industry - Ecosystem market will see substantial growth by USD 5.93 billion in 2024. The growth of the global 3D Printing in Aerospace Industry can be attributed to the increasing fleet size of airlines and rising demand for lightweight aircraft components and parts. Manufacturers of aircraft and aircraft components are resorting to 3D printing technology to manufacture aircraft components and parts, as this technology helps reduce production time and compress the supply chain of aircraft manufacturing.

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Increasing demand for 3D printers in space engineering and research programs is driving the Global 3D Printing in Aerospace Industry. The global 3D Printing in Aerospace Industry is segmented into UAV, aircraft, and spacecraft. The aircraft segment is estimated to be the growth engine for the 3D printing market during the forecast timeline. The US-based GE Aviation adopted 3D printing technology to produce engine components. Major engine OEMs are also adopting the technology to produce 3D printed parts at a faster rate.

The North American region has the largest market share in 3D Printing in the Aerospace Industry among other regions. The growth of the North American market is attributed to the high adoption rate of 3D printing in the aerospace industry, combined with the growing financial support from governments. Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest-growing aerospace 3D printing market during the same period, mostly driven by an expanding presence of OEMs and tier players that are trying to tap the increasing demand from key economies such as China, Japan, and India.Global 3D Printing in Aerospace Industry - Ecosystem

There are many trends that are having an impact on the market forecast. These, when evaluated from a company’s perspective, can drive growth. Our numerous consulting projects have generated sizeable synergies across all regions and all sizes of companies.

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