Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Processor Market Ecosystem By Product, By Component; By Technology; By Industrial Vertical (Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Others); By Region and Forecast - 2027

The AI in processor market was valued at US$73.182 billion in 2019. Increasing data size on account of the proliferation of connected devices and growing high-speed internet connectivity is a key driving reason for the global AI processor market growth.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in processor Market will grow more than twice in the next 5 Years. The IT industry is witnessing a lot of transformations and growth with new technological breakthroughs like "Artificial Intelligence processor". Demand from the communications, data processing, and consumer electronics sectors is largely driving this market. The AI Processor and System on Chip (SoC) will make up most of the total market over the forecast period. The rising acceptance of IoT has also led to a need for powerful smart electronics, which in turn, has increased the demand for powerful AI-enabled Processors. Nvidia and Intel are the current leaders in this market, with upcoming competitors like GraphCore, Habana Labs, and Qualcomm.

The growth of AI-enabled processors will rise by 2022, as the autonomous automotive industry will require this Processor for powering the performance of cars’ upcoming "full self-driving" abilities. The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance has planned to launch 40 vehicle models with autonomous drive vehicle technologies by 2022, which will open a larger market for AI processor manufacturers. New manufactured processor units are designed and optimized to quicken the performance of AI workloads and computations. Several companies, including Apple, Samsung, and Tesla, are developing their own AI Processor, which are customized to the requirements of their products. Recently, Apple has created its A12 Bionic for iPhone XR and iPhone XS smartphones. The product includes a neural engine for Face ID and Animoji (animated emoji) applications, and it contains an image processor for computational photography and pixel processing functions. A12 offers 15% improved CPU performance for the performance cores and a 50% lower power consumption for the efficiency cores. According to our estimates, the AI processor market is expected to witness a growth of ~25% CAGR from 2020 to 2021.

The key and positive trends of the segment include:

  • Increasing focus on human-aware AI systems.
  • Growing adoption of deep learning and neural networks

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Today, companies are investing more in AI software and technology and with this, there is a drastic rise in the number of startups that are targeting new AI processor manufacturing to meet the unique processing requirements by AI workloads. The top 19 AI semiconductor startups working on AI-enabled processers are based in the US. These startups are working on building deep-learning Processor, neuromorphic Processor, etc., which try to imitate the way human brain functions. This is going to raise the number of Processor produced and will increase the competition in the market, thereby affecting the pricing of processers. The rise of AI will almost certainly be the most powerful driving force in the semiconductor industry for the coming decade. Maximum AI startups are based in the US and Europe, whereas in the Asia-Pacific region, countries like China, Japan, India, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea are driving AI Processor innovation through various incubation hubs. For example, Chinese startups like Cambricon Technologies, Horizon Robotics, ThinkForce, and DeePhi Technologies, have cumulatively raised $300 million in venture capital funding.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Processor Market Report Scope:

A study is an effective tool for addressing Research insights relevant for business strategies like:

  • New product launch
  • New client acquisition
  • New opportunity mapping (market level and geography level)
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Cost optimization strategies
  • Inorganic expansion plans

The Segment study of Component types includes an analysis of Micro Processors, ASIC, CPU, FPGA, GPU, Others. The market segments are identified and analyzed keeping in mind the AI in Processor market.

By Product, the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) in processor market is segmented into:

  • Smartphones
  • Wearables
  • Automotive ADAS & Infotainment Devices

By Technology, the global AI in processor market is segmented into:

  • Predictive Maintenance/Self Diagnostics
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • NLP
  • Computer Vision
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Others

By End User, the global AI in processor market is segmented into:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Others

Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) in processor market:

At present, the US dominates the artificial intelligence processor market owing to technological advancements. Increasing penetration of HUD screens in luxury cars, smart wearables, smartphones, etc., will raise the adoption of AI solutions in Europe. Asia-Pacific is still in the early stage of this technology, but China is currently dominating the AI processor market. China is gradually competing with the U.S. in technological innovation in AI processor. Leaders such as Nvidia are supplying GPUs adapted for AI training loads to Microsoft, Amazon Web services, and Tesla. But gradually, Google, Facebook, Huawei, Alibaba, Baidu, and Amazon are becoming active in this area, as these companies feel that they can also produce AI Processor that will address their specific needs and trade-offs between performance and power consumption.

Major players operating in the Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) in processor market are as follows:


Market Positioning

Total Revenue (US$)





Hardware Manufacturers

$ 11.7 Billion





Hardware Manufacturers

$70.8 Billion





Hardware Manufacturers

$22.73 Billion





Hardware Manufacturers

$210.9 Billion




Hardware Manufacturers

$1.39 Billion




Very few markets have the interconnectivity with other markets like AI. Our Interconnectivity module focuses on the key nodes of heterogeneous markets in detail. CPU, GPU, Machine learning, and Consumer Goods markets are some of our key researched markets.

Glance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in processor market Trends:

  • New processors from Intel and AMD provide higher processing power, especially for the healthcare industry.
  • Processors are developed natively with more security and encryption, especially for Aerospace & Defense.
  • Increasing usage of voice-based commands in the Next-Generation Transportation and Logistics industry will fuel the growth of NLP.

Companies profiled in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in processor market are:

  • Apple Inc.
  • Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
  • MediaTek Inc.
  • Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
  • Alphabet
  • Graphcore 
  • Intel Corporation

Major Interconnectivity in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Processor Market Ecosystem:

AI Processor Major Interconnectivities


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Ecosystem Report – Table of Content

  1. Introduction
    1. Global AI in Processor Ecosystem Definition
    2. Scope of study 
    3. Annual SaaS
  2. Executive Summary
    1. Global Market Segmentation
    2. Global Market Overview
      1. Mega Growth Drivers
      2. Major Growth Blockers
    3. Global Market Statistics
      1. By Investment
        1. AI in Processor Ecosystem Industry Player
        2. Investment Companies
      2. By Market Revenue / Shipments/ Price Points                            
    4. Mega Trends
    5. Competitive Landscape
      1. SWOT
      2. PEST
      3. Company Ranking
    6. Market Attractiveness
      1. By Segment Level
      2. By Geography (Region/Country)
    7. Interconnectivity
      1. Allied/Interconnected Markets
      2. Allied/Interconnected Technologies
      3. Allied/Interconnected Applications
      4. Allied/Interconnected End Users

AI in Processor Ecosystem Positioning

  1. Global AI in Processor Ecosystem Snapshot
    1. AI in Processor Broad Heads
      1. Demand Side
    2. Supply Side
  2. Global AI in Processor Ecosystem Segmentation
      1. By Component
        1. Micro Processors
        2. ASIC
        3. CPU
        4. FPGA
        5. GPU
        6. Others 
      2. By Product
        1. Smartphone
        2. Wearables
        3. Automotive ADAS & Infotainment Devices
      3. By Technology
        1. Predictive Maintenance/Self Diagnostics
        2. Machine learning
        3. Deep learning
        4. NLP
        5. Computer Vision
        6. Predictive Analytics
        7. Others
      4. By Industry Vertical
        1. Automotive
        2. Consumer Electronics
        3. Others
      5. Geographic Overview
        1. North America
          1. U.S.
          2. Canada
          3. Mexico
        2. Europe
          1. U.K.
          2. Germany
          3. Italy
          4. Spain
          5. France
          6. Rest of Europe
        3. APAC
          1. India
          2. Japan
          3. China
          4. South Korea
          5. Taiwan
          6. Rest of APAC
        4. RoW
          1. Middle East
          2. Africa
          3. South America
  3. Competitive Landscape Mapping by Ecosystem Positioning
    1. Company by each node
    2. Vendor Landscaping
    3. Ecosystem Level Analysis
    4. Global AI in Processor Ecosystem Broad Heads
  4. Competitive Landscape Mapping by Ecosystem Positioning
    1. Company by each node
    2. Vendor Landscaping

AI in Processor Ecosystem Trend Analysis

  1. Global AI in Processor Ecosystem Trends
    1. Trend Mapping
      1. Trend Description
      2. Trend Evaluation
        1. Impact
        2. Importance
        3. Remarks
      3. Trend Outlook (Short, Mid, Long Term)
      4. Trend Company Mapping
      5. Related AI in Processor Ecosystem Mapping
      6. Trend Region/Country Mapping

AI in Processor Ecosystem Regulatory Analysis

  1. Overview
    1. Regulatory Mapping
    2. Regulatory Impact
    3. Regulatory Interlinkage

AI in Processor Ecosystem Sizing, Volume, and ASP Analysis & Forecast

  1. Global AI in Processor Ecosystem Sizing & Volume
    1. Cross-segmentation
    2. Global AI in Processor Ecosystem Market Sizing and Forecast
    3. Global AI in Processor Ecosystem Volume Analysis
    4. Average Selling Price Analysis
    1. Global AI in Processor Ecosystem Growth Analysis

AI in Processor Ecosystem Competitive Intelligence

  1. Competitive Intelligence
    1. Top Industry Players vs Trend Tagging
        1. Importance
        2. Trend Nature (Positive/ Negative)
        3. Value
        4. Interconnectivity for each vendor
    2. Global AI in Processor Ecosystem Share Analysis
        1. By Each Node
    3. Strategies Adopted by Global AI in Processor Ecosystem participants
        1. Global AI in Processor Ecosystem Strategies
          1. New product launch Strategies
          2. Geographic Expansion Strategies
          3. Product-line Expansion Strategies
          4. Operational / Efficiency building Strategies
          5. Other Strategies

AI in Processor Ecosystem Company Profiles

  1. Company Profiles (Total available company profiles for this market are around 103, this is a sample list of companies. Please write us at for details)
    1. Microsoft
      1. Company Fundamentals
      2. Subsidiaries list
      3. Share Holding Pattern
      4. Key Employees and Board of Directors
      5. Financial Analysis
        1. Financial Summary
        2. Ratio Analysis
        3. Valuation Metrics
      6. Product & Services
      7. Client & Strategies
      8. Ecosystem Presence
      9. SWOT
      10. Trends Mapping
      11. Analyst Views
    2. Intel
    3. Qualcomm
    4. Google
    5. IBM
    6. Micron
    7. Nvidia
    8. Samsung
    9. Apple
    10. Xiaomi
    11. Huawei
    12. LG
    13. Amazon
    14. Fitbit
    15. Oracle
    16. Biobeats
    17. Garmin
    18. Sony
    19. Motive
    20. Huami

AI in Processor Ecosystem Developments

  1.  Market Developments
    1. AI in Processor Ecosystem Events & Rationale
    2. R&D, Technology and Innovation
    3. Business & Corporate advancements
    4. M&A, JVs/Partnerships
    5.  Political, Macro-economic, Regulatory
    6.  Awards & Recognition
    7. Others


  1. Ask for Customization
    1. Sensitivity Analysis
    2. TAM SAM SOM Analysis
    3. Other Customization
  2. Appendix
    1. Sources
    2. Assumptions
    3. Contact

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