Global WebRTC Market - Segment Analysis, Opportunity Assessment, Competitive Intelligence, Industry Outlook 2016-2023

Date : Nov 2019


Report ID : 58


Category : Information Technology

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WebRTC is an internet browser platform which enables two different browsers to have real-time communication without any plugins. The application of WebRTC  market has increased remarkably in the field of telecom and unified communication (UC) and is expected to continue to expand in the coming years. The global WebRTC market was valued at US$ xx million in the year 2018 and is expected to reach US$ xx million by the year 2023, growing at a CAGR of approximately 38.3%.

Global WebRTC Market Report Size- 2016 to 2023

Global WebRTC Market

The main purpose of WebRTC is to establish a peer-to-peer communication between two different browsers. With the help of WebRTC, the client does not need to open or download a special software to integrate different browsers to communicate between them. This technology uses APIs, JavaScript, and HTML5 to insert communication infrastructure within the browsers.

These browsers are expected to share audio, data communication, and videos with the help of the WebRTC technology. The WebRTC working group and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) are presently working on developing the standards of WebRTC. The WebRTC working group is focusing on how WebRTC can be integrated with web browsers and how to describe different capabilities. IETF is working on the back end part to establish a secured communication between two browsers.

As of now, the WebRTC technology is facilitated in Mozila Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. The factors driving the WebRTC market are increasing investments on IT infrastructure in the emerging economies, ease of integration with the browsers. Managing security and privacy is one of the most important factors that is restraining the growth of the WebRTC market.

Global WebRTC Market Segmentation Scope:

By Solution

  • Gaming
  • Messaging and File Sharing
  • Social Networking
  • Video & Voice Calling Conference

By Service

  • Implementation and Integration Service
  • Consulting Service
  • Others

By Device Type

  • PC
  • Tablet
  • Smart Phones
  • Wearable Devices

By End User

  • BFSI
  • Retail & E-commerce
  • IT & Telecomm
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Others

Geographies covered:

North America

  • US
  • Canada
  • Mexico


  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific

  • China
  • Japan
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Southeast Asia
  • Rest of APAC

Rest of The World

  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa

Key Players of WebRTC market are

  • AT&T Inc. (USA)
  • Apidaze (France)
  • Cisco Systems Inc (USA)
  • Ericsson(Sweden)
  • Genband (USA)
  • Google Inc (USA)
  • Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.( China)
  • IBM Corporation (USA)
  • Oracle Corporation (USA)
  • Plivo Inc. (USA)
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Table of Content

Chapter 1 Preface

1.1 Report Description

1.1.1 Purpose of the Report

1.1.2 Target Audience

1.1.3 USP and Key Offerings

1.2 Research Scope

1.3 Research Methodology

1.3.1 Phase I – Secondary Research

1.3.2 Phase II – Primary Research

1.3.3 Phase III – Expert Panel Review

1.3.4 Approach Adopted Top-Down Approach Bottom-Up Approach

1.3.5 Assumptions

1.4 Market Segmentation Scope

Chapter 2 Executive Summary

2.1 Market Summary

2.1.1 Global WebRTC Market, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

2.1 Market Snapshot: Global WebRTC Market

2.2 Market Dynamics

2.3 Global WebRTC Market, by Segment, 2018

2.3.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Solution, 2018, (US$ Mn)

2.3.2 Global WebRTC Market, by Service, 2018, (US$ Mn)

2.3.3 Global WebRTC Market, by Device Type, 2018, (US$ Mn)

2.3.4 Global WebRTC Market, by End-use Industry, 2018, (US$ Mn)

2.3.5 Global WebRTC Market, by Region, 2018 (US$ Mn)

2.4 Premium Insights

2.4.1 WebRTC Market In Developed Vs. Developing Economies, 2018 vs 2023

2.4.2 Global WebRTC Market: Regional Life Cycle Analysis

Chapter 3 Market Dynamics

3.1 Market Overview

3.2 Market Drivers

3.2.1 Ease of integration with browsers

3.2.2 Driver 2

3.3 Market Restraints

3.3.1 Managing security and privacy

3.4 Market Opportunities

3.4.1 Rising adoption of IT infrastructure in emerging economies

3.5 Industry Value Chain Analysis

3.5.1 Analyst’s Views

3.6 Industry SWOT Analysis

Chapter 4 Global WebRTC Market, by Solution

4.1 Market Overview, by Solution

4.1.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Solution, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

4.1.2 Incremental Opportunity, by Solution, From 2018-2023

4.2 Gaming

4.2.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Gaming, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

4.3 Messaging and File Sharing

4.3.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Messaging and File Sharing, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

4.4 Social Networking

4.4.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Social Networking, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

4.5 Video and Voice Calling and Conference

4.5.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Video and Voice Calling and Conference, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

Chapter 5 Global WebRTC Market, by Service

5.1 Market Overview, by Service

5.1.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Service, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

5.1.2 Incremental Opportunity, by Service, From 2018-2023

5.2 Implementation and Integration Service

5.2.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Implementation and Integration Service, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

5.3 Consulting Service

5.3.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Consulting Service, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

5.4 Others

5.4.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Others, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

Chapter 6 Global WebRTC Market, by Device Type

6.1 Market Overview, by Device Type

6.1.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Device Type, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

6.1.2 Incremental Opportunity, by Device Type, From 2018-2023

6.2 PC

6.2.1 Global WebRTC Market, by PC, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

6.3 Tablets

6.3.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Tablets, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

6.4 Smartphones

6.4.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Smartphones, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

6.5 Wearable Devices

6.5.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Wearable Devices, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

Chapter 7 Global WebRTC Market, by End-use Industry

7.1 Market Overview, by End-use Industry

7.1.1 Global WebRTC Market, by End-use Industry, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

7.1.2 Incremental Opportunity, by End-use Industry, From 2018-2023

7.2 IT & Telecom

7.2.1 Global WebRTC Market, by IT & Telecom, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

7.3 Retail and E-Commerce

7.3.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Retail and E-Commerce, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

7.4 Healthcare

7.4.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Healthcare, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

7.5 Education

7.5.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Education, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

7.6 Media and Entertainment

7.6.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Media and Entertainment, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

7.7 Others

7.7.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Others, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

Chapter 8 Global WebRTC Market, by Region

8.1 Market Overview, by Region

8.1.1 Global WebRTC Market, by Region, 2016-2023, (US$ Mn)

8.2 Attractive Investment Opportunity, by Region, 2018

8.3 North America WebRTC Market

8.3.1 North America WebRTC Market, by Solution, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.3.2 North America WebRTC Market, by Service, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.3.3 North America WebRTC Market, by Device Type, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.3.4 North America WebRTC Market, by End-use Industry, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.3.5 United States Country Profile United States WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.3.6 Canada Country Profile Canada WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.3.7 Mexico Country Profile Mexico WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.4 Europe WebRTC Market

8.4.1 Europe WebRTC Market, by Solution, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.4.2 Europe WebRTC Market, by Service, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.4.3 Europe WebRTC Market, by Device Type, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.4.4 Europe WebRTC Market, by End-use Industry, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.4.5 United Kingdom Country Profile United Kingdom WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.4.6 Germany Country Profile Germany WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.4.7 France Country Profile France WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.4.8 Italy Country Profile Italy WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.4.9 Spain Country Profile Spain WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.4.10 Rest of Europe Rest of Europe WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.5 Asia Pacific WebRTC Market

8.5.1 Asia Pacific WebRTC Market, by Solution, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.5.2 Asia Pacific WebRTC Market, by Service, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.5.3 Asia Pacific WebRTC Market, by Device Type, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.5.4 Asia Pacific WebRTC Market, by End-use Industry, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.5.5 China Country Profile China WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.5.6 Japan Country Profile Japan WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.5.7 India Country Profile India WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.5.8 South Korea Country Profile South Korea WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.5.9 Southeast Asia Southeast Asia WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.5.10 Rest of Asia Pacific Rest of Asia Pacific WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.6 Rest of The World WebRTC Market

8.6.1 Rest of The World WebRTC Market, by Solution, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.6.2 Rest of The World WebRTC Market, by Service, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.6.3 Rest of The World WebRTC Market, by Device Type, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

8.6.4 Rest of The World WebRTC Market, by End-use Industry, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn) Latin America WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn) Middle East & Africa WebRTC Market, 2016-2023 (US$ Mn)

Chapter 9 Competitive Intelligence

9.1 Introduction

9.2 Players Evaluated During the Study

9.3 Market Players Present in Market Life Cycle

9.4 Top 5 Players Comparison

9.5 Market Positioning of Key Players, 2018

9.6 Market Players Mapping

9.6.1 By Solution

9.6.2 By Service

9.6.3 By Device Type

9.6.4 By End-use Industry

9.6.5 By Region

9.7 Strategies Adopted by Key Market Players

9.8 Recent Developments in the Market

9.8.1 Mergers & Acquisitions, Partnership, New Product Developments

9.9 Operational Efficiency Comparison by Key Players

Chapter 10 Company Profiles

10.1 AT&T INC.

10.1.1 AT&T INC. Overview

10.1.2 Key Stakeholders/Person in AT&T INC.

10.1.3 AT&T INC. Products Portfolio

10.1.4 AT&T INC. Financial Overview

10.1.5 AT&T INC. News/Recent Developments

10.2 Apidaze

10.2.1 Apidaze Overview

10.2.2 Key Stakeholders/Person in Apidaze

10.2.3 Apidaze Products Portfolio

10.2.4 Apidaze Financial Overview

10.2.5 Apidaze News/Recent Developments

10.3 Cisco Systems Inc.

10.3.1 Cisco Systems Inc. Overview

10.3.2 Key Stakeholders/Person in Cisco Systems Inc.

10.3.3 Cisco Systems Inc. Products Portfolio

10.3.4 Cisco Systems Inc. Financial Overview

10.3.5 Cisco Systems Inc. News/Recent Developments

10.4 Ericsson

10.4.1 Ericsson Overview

10.4.2 Key Stakeholders/Person in Ericsson

10.4.3 Ericsson Products Portfolio

10.4.4 Ericsson Financial Overview

10.4.5 Ericsson News/Recent Developments

10.5 Genband

10.5.1 Genband Overview

10.5.2 Key Stakeholders/Person in Genband

10.5.3 Genband Products Portfolio

10.5.4 Genband Financial Overview

10.5.5 Genband News/Recent Developments

10.6 Google Inc.

10.6.1 Google Inc. Overview

10.6.2 Key Stakeholders/Person in Google Inc.

10.6.3 Google Inc. Products Portfolio

10.6.4 Google Inc. Financial Overview

10.6.5 Google Inc. News/Recent Developments

10.7 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

10.7.1 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Overview

10.7.2 Key Stakeholders/Person in Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

10.7.3 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Products Portfolio

10.7.4 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Financial Overview

10.7.5 Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. News/Recent Developments

10.8 IBM Corporation

10.8.1 IBM Corporation Overview

10.8.2 Key Stakeholders/Person in IBM Corporation

10.8.3 IBM Corporation Products Portfolio

10.8.4 IBM Corporation Financial Overview

10.8.5 IBM Corporation News/Recent Developments

10.9 Oracle Corporation

10.9.1 Oracle Corporation Overview

10.9.2 Key Stakeholders/Person in Oracle Corporation

10.9.3 Oracle Corporation Products Portfolio

10.9.4 Oracle Corporation Financial Overview

10.9.5 Oracle Corporation News/Recent Developments

10.10 Plivo Inc.

10.10.1 Plivo Inc. Overview

10.10.2 Key Stakeholders/Person in Plivo Inc.

10.10.3 Plivo Inc. Products Portfolio

10.10.4 Plivo Inc. Financial Overview

10.10.5 Plivo Inc. News/Recent Developments

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