Organic Fruits & Vegetable Market By Product Type (Organic Fruits, Organic Vegetables), By Form (Fresh, Frozen), By Distribution Channel (Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Convenience Store, Online Sale Channel, Others), By End User (Residential, Commercial) And By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, MEA) - Global Forecasts 2017 To 2027.

Date : May 2021


Report ID : 638


Category : Food & Beverages

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Organic Fruits & Vegetable Market Definition and Estimation:

Fruits and vegetables cultivated without the use of any chemicals throughout their growth period and post-harvest operations are referred to as organic fruits and vegetables. Since, these products offer several health benefits, the rising demand for organic food products is rendering them available at affordable rates.

The organic fruits & vegetable market size was USD 31.39 Bn in 2019 and expected to reach USD 61.45 Bn by 2027; this converts into a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8% for the forecast period.

Organic Fruits & Vegetable Market Overview:

The organic food product market witnessed a slight decline during the first two quarters of the financial year 2020-2021 due to the advent of the pandemic and measures taken by the government to reduce the spread of the virus. The adverse effects of the pandemic on the market took a turn during the third quarter. The shift from away-from-home to at-home food demand assisted in the substantial rise of organic product sales. Most companies witnessed an increase in sales during the fourth quarter of the financial year. Overall, the market has registered a positive slope during the pandemic.

The Organic Fruits & Vegetable Market is Segmented to include:

By Product type

  • Organic Fruits
  • Organic Vegetables

By Form

  • Fresh
  • Frozen

By Distribution Channel

  • Supermarkets
  • Hypermarkets
  • Convenience Store
  • Online Sale Channel
  • Others

By End-user

  • Residential
  • Commercial

1. Product Type

The organic vegetable segment is gaining traction due to the higher consumption of vegetables and rising awareness regarding health benefits of the organic ones. The segment is expected to witness a compound annual growth rate of more than 10% during forecast timeline. However, in 2019, the organic fruits segment accounted for approximately three-fourths of the market, collecting close to USD 24 billion in revenue. The diverse applications of fruit-based products in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverage, and many other industries is contributing significantly toward its dominance in the product type category.

2. Form

The frozen segment captured over 70% of the global market share during 2019, owing to benefits such as improved shelf life and the convenience it offers especially to many working individuals. However, the shift towards a healthier lifestyle is pushing for the expansion of the fresh segment. During the forecast years, the segment is predicted to grow at a CAGR of nearly 10%.

3. Distribution Channels

The online sales channel is expected to register the highest growth rate of around 15% from 2020 to 2027. The surge in globalization, the development of IoT, and the rise of e-commerce platforms are contributing to the progress of the segment. Nevertheless, the hypermarket segment held the largest market share in 2019. The segment garnered more than USD 10 billion in revenue or over 30% of the market.

4. End-user

The residential segment dominated the market, capturing over 70%. The rising awareness regarding the benefits and increase in disposable income is fuelling the segment forward. On the other hand, the commercial segment is estimated to display a growth rate of close to 11% annually.

Organic Fruits & Vegetable Market by Distribution channel

Organic Fruits & Vegetable Market Geography Overview:

Based on geography market is segmented as below:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific

North America led the organic fruits & vegetable market in 2019. The growth of the market in the region can be attributed to changing lifestyle patterns. These patterns have resulted in numerous health-related issues. As a result, there has been an increase in awareness and therefore, demand for organic produce. The region, also, consumes many cosmetics and is home to well-established pharmaceutical companies. The demand generated for the use of organic products in cosmetics is further boosting the regional market.

Asia-Pacific is providing a conducive environment for the expansion of the organic fruit and vegetable market. Major contributors to the market are increased income levels, economic stability in the region, improved spending on food products, and the spread of awareness regarding the health benefits of organic products.

Organic Fruits & Vegetable Market by Region

Organic Fruits & Vegetable Market Dynamics

Changing lifestyle patterns and food habits detrimental to human health have given rise to a plethora of health-related issues. As a result, several individuals are now adapting a healthy diet to avoid or minimize health issues. This has led to an increase in demand for organic produce. As a result, there has been an upsurge in area for cultivating organic fruits and vegetables. Therefore, factors such as changing lifestyle patterns, rising awareness, transition towards a healthy diet, growth in area under organic farming coupled with the increase in purchasing power are major contributors for the expansion of the market.

The use of organic products to synthesize ingredients used in the beauty and skin care sector may minimize the adverse effects of synthetic products. As a result, the market has scope to expand further. A few other factors that may create lucrative opportunities for the augmentation of the market include investments by various food product manufacturing companies and the growth of the retail sector.

While organic fruits and vegetables may provide several health benefits, the high cost of procuring these products can hamper the market growth. Also, the uncertainty in regulatory guidelines may deter investments from large-scale food product manufacturers.

The market is studied by analyzing all the key market participants across the ecosystem. The key players of the market include, but not limited to:

  • Activz
  • Campbell Soup Company
  • DMH Ingredients Inc.
  • General Mills Inc.
  • Green Organic Vegetables Inc.
  • Iceland Foods Ltd.
  • Juices International Pty Ltd.
  • Organic Valley Family of Farms.
  • The Kraft Heinz Company.
  • Z Natural Foods

Recent News and Developments in the Organic Fruits & Vegetable Market:

  1. In March 2021, General Mills announced its intention to sell 51% controlling interest in Yoplait S.A.S. to Sodiaal, a French dairy cooperative. In exchange, the company aims to acquire full ownership of the Canadian Yoplait business and a reduced royalty rate for use of the Yoplait and Liberte brands in North America.
  2. Z Natural Foods launched a new mocha mushroom whey protein in the month of February 2021.
  3. In September 2020, Iceland Foods Ltd. created over 3000 new jobs to support the massive increase in home delivery demand for organic produce.
  4. Organic Valley, in June 2020, donated dairy and meat to food pantries across the United States. The company provided over 140,000 pounds of organic food to communities during the pandemic.

Why buy this Report?

How big is the organic fruits & vegetable market?          

The market size was USD 31.39 Bn in 2019 and expected to reach USD 61.45 Bn by 2027.

What is the estimated market growth rate?       

The market is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8% during the forecast period.

Which geography accounted for the largest market share?         

In the base year, North America held the largest geographic market share.

Which geography is lucrative for investments in the organic fruits & vegetable market?

With the highest growth rate, Asia-Pacific is the most lucrative region for investments.

By product type segmentation, which is the fastest-growing sub-segment?        

Organic vegetables are the fastest-growing sub-segment when analyzing the market by product type.

Who are the key players of the organic fruits & vegetable market?         

Key players include, but not limited to Activz, Campbell Soup Company, DMH Ingredients Inc., General Mills Inc., Green Organic Vegetables Inc., Iceland Foods Ltd., Juices International Pty Ltd., Organic Valley Family of Farms., The Kraft Heinz Company., Z Natural Foods.

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Chapter 1.  Research Objective

1.1 Objective, Definition & Scope

1.2 Methodology

   1.2.1 Primary Research

   1.2.2 Secondary Research

   1.2.3 Market Forecast - Estimation & Approach

   1.2.4 Assumptions & Assessments

1.3 Insights and Growth - Relevancy Mapping

   1.3.1 FABRIC Platform

1.4 Data mining & efficiency

Chapter 2.  Executive Summary

2.1 Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Overview

2.2 Interconnectivity & Related markets

2.3 Ecosystem Map

2.4 Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Business Segmentation

2.5 Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Geographic Segmentation

2.6 Competition Outlook

2.7 Key Statistics

Chapter 3.  Strategic Analysis

3.1 Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Revenue Opportunities

3.2 Cost Optimization

3.3 Covid19 aftermath - Analyst view

3.4 Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Chapter 4.  Market Dynamics

4.1 DROC

4.1.1 Drivers Growing area under organic farming Consumer awareness about healthy diet Increase in purchasing power Changes in lifestyle and food habits

4.1.2 Restraints Undefined regulatory guidelines High price of organic label fruits and vegetables products

4.1.3 Opportunities Exploration of organic fruits and vegetables in skin care and beauty care products Rapid growth of the retail sector Product innovation and rise in demand for organically formed ingredients Increase in investments by small- & mid-sized food product manufacturing companies

4.1.4 Challenges

4.2 PEST Analysis

   4.2.1 Political

   4.2.2 Economic

   4.2.3 Social

   4.2.4 Technological

4.3 Market Impacting Trends

    4.3.1 Positive Impact Trends

    4.3.2 Adverse Impact Trends

4.4 Porter's 5-force Analysis

4.5 Market News - By Segments

   4.5.1 Organic News

   4.5.2 Inorganic News

4.6 Price Trend Analysis

Chapter 5. Market Segmentation

5.1 The Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Segmentation by Product Type - Forecast till 2027

5.1.1 Organic Fruits

5.1.2 Organic Vegetables

5.2 The Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Segmentation by Form - Forecast till 2027

5.2.1 Fresh

5.2.2 Frozen

5.3 The Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Segmentation by Distribution Channel - Forecast till 2027

5.3.1 Supermarkets

5.3.2 Hypermarkets

5.3.3 Convenience Store

5.3.4 Online Sale Channel

5.3.5 Others

5.4 The Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Segmentation End User - Forecast till 2027

5.4.1 Residential

5.4.2 Commercial

Chapter 5A. Regional Forecast

North America Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Segmentation

By Product Type - Forecast till 2027

By Form - Forecast till 2027

By Distribution Channel - Forecast till 2027

End-User - Forecast till 2027

Europe Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Segmentation

By Product Type - Forecast till 2027

By Form - Forecast till 2027

By Distribution Channel - Forecast till 2027

End User - Forecast till 2027

Asia-Pacific Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Segmentation

By Product Type - Forecast till 2027

By Form - Forecast till 2027

By Distribution Channel - Forecast till 2027

End User - Forecast till 2027

LAMEA Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Segmentation

By Product Type - Forecast till 2027

By Form - Forecast till 2027

By Distribution Channel - Forecast till 2027

End User - Forecast till 2027

**The Regions are further studied to analyze the major countries within the respective regions. The coverage of the country level data is dynamic and is updated regularly based on the market movements. Normally, the countries covered in the report include:

North America - United States, Canada, Mexico; Europe - United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Rest of Europe; Asia Pacific - China, India, Japan, South Korea, Rest of APAC; Middle East & Africa - South Africa, GCC Countries, Rest of MEA; LatAm - Brazil, Argentina, Rest of LatAm;

Chapter 6.  Market Use case studies

Chapter 7.  KOL Recommendations

Chapter 8.  Investment Landscape

8.1 Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Investment Analysis

8.2 Market M&A

8.3 Market Fund Raise & Other activity

Chapter 9. Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market - Competitive Intelligence

9.1 Company Positioning Analysis

   9.1.1 Positioning - By Revenue

   9.1.2 Positioning - By Business Score

   9.1.3 Legacy Positioning

9.2 Competitive Strategy Analysis

   9.2.1 Organic Strategies

   9.2.2 Inorganic Strategies

Chapter 10.  Key Company Profiles

*The Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market Report profiles companies based on the material impact they have on the market ecosystem. These are hence, to be read as 'Key Players' and not necessarily 'Market Leaders'.

Companies are typically profiled to include:

10.x.1 Company Fundamentals

10.x.2 Performance Overview

10.x.3 Product Overview

10.x.4 Recent Developments

The Companies profiled in this Report include:

  • Activz
  • Campbell Soup Company
  • DMH Ingredients, Inc.
  • General Mills, Inc.
  • Green Organic Vegetables, Inc.
  • Iceland Foods Ltd.
  • Juices International Pty Ltd.
  • Organic Valley Family of Farms.
  • The Kraft Heinz Company.
  • Z Natural Foods

Chapter 11.  Appendix

11.1 About AllTheResearch

11.2 Service offerings

11.3 Author details

11.4 Terms & Conditions

11.5 Contact us

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