Global Head-Mounted Display (HMD) Market Ecosystem By Connectivity; By Components; By Product Type; By HMD Type; By region; By Application (Consumer, Commercial, Medical, Education, Enterprise & Industry, Others); By Region and Forecast - 2027

A head-mounted display (HMD) is a display device used by putting it over the head as a helmet. It has a small screen display in front of each eye. It has a transparent display that effortlessly presents information directly in front of the user’s eyes without hindering the view of the outside world. The analysts at AllTheResearch forecasted the Global Head-Mounted Display (HMD) market to grow at a CAGR of 25.48% during the period 2018 to 2027.

The Head-Mounted Display (HMD) market ecosystem has been segmented into virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The virtual reality (VR) technology holds the largest share of the Head-Mounted Display (HMD) market. An immersive experience has been created for users by VR headset manufacturers with products like Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift. The increasing number of players entering the Head-Mounted Display (HMD) market is making these products affordable, which is one of the major reasons for the wide adoption of VR headsets.

Augmented reality (AR) Head-Mounted Display (HMD) is likely to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. The growing importance of AR Head-Mounted Display (HMD), also known as smart glasses, in industrial applications is expected to drive the market. AR headsets are used for training videos, pictured data, 3D gaming mode, etc. Moreover, they can be used for teaching complicated maintenance processes for factory equipment, covering animation-based instructions and reference materials directly onto the physical gear.

A display system is an important component in HMDs, which displays information in the user’s visibility area. The small display helps in showcasing the images of the virtual environment in front of the user’s eye. Displays of Head-Mounted Display (HMD) are small, but they have large memory size and can be easily viewed under optical augmentation. They have the capacity to display high-resolution images according to the application and have high video frame rate compatibility.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis & Opportunities in Head-Mounted Display (HMD) Market:

The outbreak of COVID-19 has bought along with a global recession, which has impacted several industries. Along with this impact, COVID Pandemic has also generated a few new business opportunities for the Head-Mounted Display (HMD) market ecosystem. The overall competitive landscape and market dynamics of Head-Mounted Display (HMD) has been disrupted due to this pandemic. All these disruptions and impacts have been analyzed quantifiably in this report, which is backed by market trends, events, and revenue shift analysis. COVID impact analysis also covers strategic adjustments for Tier 1, 2, and 3 players of the Head-Mounted Display (HMD) Market.

Ecosystem Snapshot: Global Head-Mounted Display (HMD) Market Overview

Head Mounted Display

The Head-Mounted Display (HMD) market has two types of products, known as the head, mounted, and eyewear. The eyewear market is to grow at the highest CAGR between 2018 and 2023. The adoption of eyewear is rising, as it provides information about the surrounding without interrupting the wearer’s normal field of view. It also helps the user by displaying driving directions, e-mails, and other notifications. Recently, the display and eyewear of the smart wearable have become lighter in weight, flexible, and smart in appearance. These smart wearable display glasses have good configuration, which provides synchronization of HMD glasses with smartphones or Bluetooth devices.

HMDs account for over 60% of the global revenue share in 2018. Wearable eyeglasses are anticipated to witness significant growth during the forecast period and are projected to surpass helmet-mounted displays. Several developers and manufacturers such as Google, Epson, Vuzix, Sony, and Microsoft have aggressively brought various offerings to take advantage of the growth prospects in wearable glasses.

AR-VR: Segmentation of Global Head-Mounted Display (HMD) Market Ecosystem

Technology Components Connectivity Product Type  Application HMD Type
Augmented reality Processor and memory Wired Head-mounted Consumer Slide-on HMD
Virtual reality Controller Wireless Eyewear Commercial Discrete HMD
  Sensor     Enterprise & industry Integrated HMD
  Camera     Engineering & design  
  Display     Military, defence, and aerospace  
  Lens     Medical  
  Case and connector     Education  
  Others     Others  

Global Head-Mounted Display (HMD) Market Ecosystem

In 2018, the North America Head-Mounted Display (HMD) market contributed over 35% to global revenue and it is expected that North America will maintain a constant growth rate throughout the forecast period. Head-Mounted Display (HMD) in North America is mostly used in medical, defense, and safety services. In Europe, the head-mounted display industry is likely to grow at a significant CAGR because of innovations in display technologies.

The Asia Pacific will emerge as a productive region because of low production cost, low maintenance cost, and easy availability of cheap labor with ample capability in the field. APAC is expected to hold the largest share of the Head-Mounted Display (HMD) market during the forecast period. China, Japan, Australia, and India are increasing the adoption of AR and VR technologies, which is the major reason for the growth of the Head-Mounted Display (HMD) market in the APAC region. The fast-growing consumer electronics market in APAC is expected to create ample opportunities for Head-Mounted Display (HMD) in this region. The Chinese VR market has seen huge investments, partnerships, and new ventures, wherein both local and international players have the capabilities for low-cost and mass-scale manufacturing.

Market Statistics Glimpse: Global Head-Mounted Display (HMD) Ecosystem

Market Statistics Glimpse of Global Head-Mounted Display

There are many trends that are having an impact on the market forecast. These, when evaluated from a company’s perspective, can drive growth. Our numerous consulting projects have generated sizeable synergies across all regions and all sizes of companies.

The Major Players Operating in The Global Head-Mounted Display (HMD) Market Ecosystem are as Follows:

Company Ecosystem Positioning Total Revenue Industry Region
Samsung Product Provider ~$208.5 billion Electronic Global
Sony Product Provider ~$80 billion Electronic Global
Oculus VR Product Provider ~ $3.6 billion Electronic Global
HTC Product Provider ~$0.79 billion Electronic Global
Microsoft Product Provider ~ $125.8 billion Electronic Global

Very few markets have the interconnectivity with other market's head-mounted display. Our interconnectivity module focuses on the key nodes of heterogeneous markets in detail. Data analytics, Cloud Logistics, Machine learning, and computer vision markets are some of our key researched markets.

Head-Mounted Display Market Ecosystem Major Interconnectivity

Head Mounted Display

A Glance on Global Head-Mounted Display Ecosystem Trends:

Trends Technology Component Connectivity Product Type  Application HMD Type Impact
Increasing focus on larger field-of-view for HMD products will drive the camera market of AR-VR products   Camera         1.98%
The requirement for robust HMDs for the defense and industrial sector will drive the demand for metals in the material part of AR-VR market     Wireless   Military, defense, and aerospace   1.56%
HMDs and Smart Glass will dominate the market for AR-VR for the healthcare end-use industry         Healthcare Slide-on HMD 0.66%

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Ecosystem Report – Table of Content


1.1. Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Definition

1.2. Scope of the study 

1.3. Research Methodology

1.4. Assumptions/ Inferences

1.5. Sources

1.5.1. Primary Interviews

1.5.2. Secondary Sources Key Secondary Webpages Whitepapers Annual Reports Investor/Analyst Presentations

1.6. About FABRIC

2. Executive Summary

Ecosystem Positioning

3. Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Snapshot

3.1. Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Segmentation

3.1.1. By Components Processor and memory Controller Sensor Camera Display Lens Case and connector Others 

3.1.2. By Technology Augmented Reality Virtual Reality

3.1.3. By Connectivity Wired Wireless

3.1.4. By Product Type Head Mounted Eyewear

3.1.5. By Application Consumer Commercial Enterprise & industry Engineering & design Military, defence, and aerospace Medical Education Others

3.1.6. By HMD Type Slide-on HMD Discrete HMD Integrated HMD

3.2. Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Broad Heads

4. Competitive Landscape Mapping by Ecosystem Positioning

4.1. Company by each node

4.2. Vendor Landscaping

5. Ecosystem Level Analysis

Trend Analysis

6. Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Trends

6.1. Short Term

6.1.1. Trend Description

6.1.2. Trend Evaluation

6.1.3. Trend Outlook

6.1.4. Trend Company Mapping

6.1.5. Related Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Mapping

6.1.6. Trend Region/Country Mapping

6.2. Mid Term

6.2.1. Trend Description

6.2.2. Trend Evaluation

6.2.3. Trend Outlook

6.2.4. Trend Company Mapping

6.2.5. Related Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Mapping

6.2.6. Trend Region/Country Mapping

6.3. Long Term

6.3.1. Trend Description

6.3.2. Trend Evaluation

6.3.3. Trend Outlook

6.3.4. Trend Company Mapping

6.3.5. Related Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Mapping

6.3.6. Trend Region/Country Mapping

Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Analysis

6.4. Regulatory Analysis

Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Developments

6.5. Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Events & Rationale

6.5.1. R&D, Technology and Innovation

6.5.2. Business & Corporate advancements

6.5.3. M&A, JVs/Partnerships

6.5.4. Political, Macro-economic, Regulatory

6.5.5. Awards & Recognition

6.5.6. Others

Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Sizing, Volume and ASP Analysis & Forecast

7. Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Sizing & Volume

7.1. Cross-segmentation

7.2. Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Sizing and Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Forecast

7.3. Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Volume Analysis

7.4. Average Selling Price Analysis

7.5. Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Growth Analysis

Competitive Intelligence

8. Competitive Intelligence

8.1. Top Industry Players vs Trend Tagging Importance Trend Nature (Positive/ Negative) Value Interconnectivity for each vendor

8.2. Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Share Analysis By Each Node

8.3. Strategies Adopted by Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem participants Global Head Mounted Display Ecosystem Strategies New product launch Strategies Geographic Expansion Strategies Product-line Expansion Strategies Operational / Efficiency building Strategies Other Strategies

Company Profiles

9. Company Profiles - including the:

9.1. Microsoft

9.1.1. Company Fundamentals

9.1.2. Subsidiaries list

9.1.3. Share Holding Pattern

9.1.4. Key Employees and Board of Directors

9.1.5. Financial Analysis Financial Summary Ratio Analysis Valuation Metrics

9.1.6. Product & Services

9.1.7. Client & Strategies

9.1.8. Ecosystem Presence

9.1.9. SWOT

9.1.10. Trends Mapping

9.1.11. Analyst Views

9.2. Samsung

9.3. Sony

9.4. Oculus VR

9.5. HTC


10. Ask for Customization

10.1. Sensitivity Analysis

10.2. TAM SAM SOM Analysis

10.3. Other Customization

11. Appendix

11.1. Sources

11.2. Assumptions

11.3. Contact

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